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It's more and more common, and your boss might even be fine with it. But that doesn't mean an office romance is easy. Some survival tips to stay sane-and employed! Sarah, a year-old graphic designer, met Matt through a colleague at the imaging tech company where they both worked. But they exchanged a few texts, then graduated to friendly lunches. Eventually Matt asked Sarah on a date, and they talked for so long that the sushi restaurant had to kick them out.

Having positive intentions at the start may also help guard against hurt feelings and misunderstandings should the romance eventually end. Both experts acknowledge that boss-employee romances do happen - and sometimes those relationships work out.

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Keep your disclosure simple and straightforward. Make sure that your manager is one of the first to be informed.

They may prefer you not work together. You also want to set up boundaries with your partner. Case Study 1: Always keep it professional Heather Townsend and her colleague, Alex, were both working at one of the Big Four accounting firms when they became interested in one another.

But they were hesitant about getting romantically involved.

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Heather told one friend at work that she was dating Alex, but they waited a few months before disclosing their status to HR. Eventually, though, they were upfront with HR in part because they were at different levels of the organization and wanted to do it before any conflicts of interest arose.

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What should we do? Once they had that support, Heather told her boss and a few other colleagues.

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We kept working hard and rose above it. We would go out for coffee, but we always met by the elevator.

Dec 12,   Avoid dating someone in a higher or lower position. Office politics and hierarchy should be top-of-mind, particularly when it comes to office romances. ? ? Choosing an entanglement with a coworker-especially one at a different seniority level-could dramatically affect your salary or movement within your company. Feb 05,   "Colleagues start with something huge in common, Some may prohibit intra-office dating entirely, while others only forbid relationships between managers and . 15 Signs Your Employees Are Having an Office Romance. By AllBusiness Editors | In: Staffing & HR. Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Employees Do It. You'd think people have enough to do when they are at work, but obviously they don't, as they spend huge amounts of time gossiping about each other. And nothing is juicier than other people's.

Decide how to proceed at work. For example, will the romance be a secret? Will you avoid arriving at work together or leaving at the same time? Do you plan to share your lunch breaks? Then comes the tough part, the one no one embarking on a new relationship wants to consider.

Although the possibility of your romance not lasting may seem unfathomable when it is just beginning, figure out how to handle it if that unfortunate event does occur. Unless you or your partner plans to quit your job, seeing each other every day might be unavoidable. Figure out how that will work before it happens.

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If you and your partner are also subordinate and boss, there could be trouble ahead. It is most prudent to avoid a romance in this case but if you decide not to, don't let your feelings for one another influence how to do your job. Not following this rule could lead to one or both of you having to look for a new place of employment and a new partner.

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For instance, it may be difficult to critique your partner's work even though your role in the organization requires it. Having to answer to a partner who is higher up in the organization's chain of command may also become a problem. Putting your romance ahead of your job would be doing a great disservice to your employer and could also upset colleagues who may feel they are getting unequal treatment.

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It's also important to remember that organizational structures can change and your partner could end up linked together in the chain of command. Don't forget to brush up on your style game with these 20 Shirts Women Can't Resist.

Dating office colleagues

Jumping in too quickly-both physically and emotionally-can be a recipe for a messy office breakup. So just as you shouldn't start the relationship by heading to the bedroom, you also shouldn't get ahead of yourself planning your retirement together.

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If you're both open to exploring the possibility of a relationship, think about things in slow motion, says Bartell. Depending on your company's rules regarding romance, whether or not you keep your relationship under wraps will vary.

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But if you're not required to put it out in the open, it could be a good idea to keep things quiet for a month or so, says Bartell. O'Neal suggests having a conversation that goes something like, "I feel like there's potential here and I want to explore where this can go, but can we keep this between the two of us for now so that we can figure out where it's going?

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After all, letting your love life become office gossip isn't good for anyone. Once you're in a commitment, speak up if you want, says O'Neal.

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Repeat after me: keep your flirting and quality time outside the office-period, says O'Neal. And yes, that means being on your best behavior at corporate happy hours, group lunches, and routine coffee breaks.

Lots of people meet their partners at work, and yet dating someone in the office is often frowned fatgirlnmotion.com companies even have explicit policies against it. So what if you and a colleague have. Apr 14,   When workplace dating goes well, it goes really well. Happily coupled-up workers have reported higher job satisfaction, says Cowan. And the office is surprisingly a great place to vet a future. Customize this workplace romance policy based on your company's attitude toward office dating. Add or delete parts to communicate applicable rules about romantic relationships in the workplace and preserve harmony and fairness at all levels.

Turns out, you might be the only one on cloud nine about your newfound romance. Deflect their emotions by never showing favoritism toward your partner and not accepting favoritism from them.

Never Date Anyone At Work

Cory adds: "Perceptions of injustice drive coworker deception and other negative responses, so trying to avoid the appearance of preferential treatment can prevent a lot of problems. Now that you're an item, here's another biggie: "Keep your romantic quarrels and drama out of the workplace," says Chory. Her research finds that one of the most common complaints employees have about their coworkers dating is that arguments spill over into the office, disrupting work.

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And then make sure your courtship goes the distance with The Secrets to the Best Relationships. All Rights Reserved.

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Open side menu button. The 12 Rules for Dating a Colleague. Win the heart of your office crush.

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By Cassie Shortsleeve January 26, But how should you proceed? Read This Next.

Office romances happen-sometimes out of nowhere. After all, you spend the majority of your day and week with the same group of people, and it's only natural that natural attractions may develop into something more. But dating a co-worker comes with risk. When you mix and mingle your love life with your professional life, it can cause unwanted and unexpected drama if it's not handled the. Sep 12,   "If you're seeing someone from your office, try to maintain a structured dating life away from the office." but it's bound to make colleagues feel awkward, and may negatively affect.

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