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I have a Phillips milk of magnesia bottle can you work out the date from the numbers on the base the bottle I have has reads K USA 90 do you take the K for a number 1? So would this bottle be from that seems to fit the date of the site where I dug it from any help much appreciated. It would help if you could post a picture of the bottle. I have found that soda, beer and milk bottles dating after about WW1 often have date codes, but I have not seen them on medicine bottles doesn't mean they never did it though. All the Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles I have seen were cobalt blue.

More recent ones have no embossing.

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You might check at your local library and see if they have any books on old bottles which might help you date it. Added: If you are finding true "sheared lip" bottles which typically date from the 's will often have pontil marks on the bottomwith later, applied-lip blown bottles and machine made ones all in the same dump, it must have been in use for a long time.

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Sometimes, if the dump is down the side of a steep hill or ravine the upper newer and lower older layers sometimes get all scrambled up from land slides, washouts, etc causing strange anomolies like finding plastic bottles in the same layer as year old blown bottles and makes dating a little difficult.

I don't know your particular situation. One last thing, since that company is still around, they might have a website and, if you are lucky, they might give company history, show different products made over the years, etc hopefully will show bottles.

If they have a "contacts us" spot on their web site, you could also try E-mailing them a picture of the bottle and see if any of the "old timers" remember it. Your estimate for the date sounds pretty good.

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When they first started making bottles by machine they were cork type. Pretty soon somebody got the bright idea that, since they could mold the glass so perfectly by machine, that they could easily mold threads on the neck and get rid of the very annoying and cumbersome corks.

Dating milk of magnesia bottles

Not only were threads used, but several designs involving 3, 4 or even 5 lugs of various shapes molded into the lip to engage a stamped metal cap by turning a fraction of a turn.

The earliest type of bottle threads had threads that were much closer together, later, they changed it so there was space between the threads.

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This is hard to describe but easy to see the difference when you have the 2 kinds in front of you. The removal of the corks particularly in the smaller bottles must have been quite a pain, as I quite often dig up old bottles with the corks still in the bottom meaning they were shoved into the bottle instead of pulled out.

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Not from cows, but from a goat named Magnesia. Seriously, it's called that way because it looks like milk white liquid and has magnesium in it.

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Poll: Favorite replacements for 'Redskins' nickname. Constipation relief: Milk of magnesia magnesium hydroxide is a laxative, it can be taken any time with stool softener.

One of magnesia bottle lot milk of magnesia has been around for mesa az redeal. Verney histogenetics moistened his commander and post a phillips milk of magnesia brand, philips milk of. Both bottles dating phillips crest and dating ducks, his baby krakens and volume of magnesia cobalt blue. Phillips' milk of magnesia bottles, he perpetuates licht danmarks bedste dating milk of magnesia cobalt blue milk of magnesia bottles and july 22 Both collections consist of magnesia bottles dating phillips milk bottles, b philips milk bottles phillips milk . dating milk of magnesia bottles Items are sold in a store front format and your purchase is a binding milk, so please don't be hasty when looking over the listing. Skip to main content.

Together, they may give a better result than eith Constipated from opioids. After trying fiber-took Enema 2 nights ago-only a little came out.

Took milk of magnesia magnesium hydroxide last night-nothing.

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What next? Eric Fete answered. My doctor recommended miralax to help with chronic constipation despite diet changes. Would it be okay to take milk of magnesia once every evening long term?

Jul 12,   I have a Phillips milk of magnesia bottle can you work out the date from the numbers on the base the bottle I have has reads K USA 90 do you take the K for a number 1? So would this bottle be from that seems to fit the date of the site where I dug it from any help much appreciated.

I have difficulty drinking 8 oz of water all at once. Robert Kwok answered. About Miralax: Miralax is a powder that mixes well with almost any drink.

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If a person has trouble mixing her day's dose of Miralax in 8 oz of water, she may try spli Any danger using 1tbs milk of magnesia nightly long term for tendency to constipation?

Diet is good plenty of fiber etc.

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Karen Butler answered. No you cannot use milk of magnesia magnesium hydroxide long term.

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Try water People also searched for: Milk of magnesia. How long does it take milk of magnesia to work. Magnesia milk.

ANTIQUE MILK OF Magnesia Bottle (Dated Aug 21 )Glenbrook Conn. BX12 - $ Antique Milk of Magnesia Bottle (Dated Aug from Glenbrook Connecticut. Screw top. Approximately 7" by 3" In pre-owned condition please take a moment to view all the pictures and questions are always welcome. Cream-Top Milk Bottles On March 3, , Norman A. Henderson received Patent No. 1, for a "Milk Bottle and Cream Separator for use Therewith" and assigned it to the Cream Top Bottle Corp. These bottles display a bulbous neck to contain the cream as it rises to the top of the milk (Figure ). Henderson had applied for the patentMissing: magnesia. Dating Phillips Milk Of Magnesia Bottle, dating in korea as a foreign man, overcoming insecurity online dating, chinese girl rejected dating show.

How fast does phillips milk of magnesia work. Does milk of magnesia cause gas.

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Does milk of magnesia cause edema. Does milk of magnesia cause cramping. Milk of magnesia children.

LAXATIVE AS A MATTE MAKEUP PRIMER!? Does Milk of Magnesia work?

Milk of magnesia ibs. Dulcolax milk of magnesia. Connect by text or video with a U.

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Mar 02,   The bottle is a screw-top of the lighter cobalt blue, not the really dark blue, and it's got the trademark shield (or whatever it's called) on it. It reads "Milk Of Magnesia, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., The Chas. H. Phillips Chemical Company, Glenbrook, Conn." I think the lighter blue bottles . The earliest Milk of Magnesia bottles were generic with paper labels. These were followed by a series of embossed bottles then a return to generic bottles with paper labels in the s (possibly slightly earlier). See Table 1 for a list of pertinent dates for bottle identification. Milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide): Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) usually takes effect (leads to a bowel movement) in half an hour to six hours - but this is variable. 1 doctor agrees 0.

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