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Originally posted by v-a-m-p-i-r-e-d-i-a-r-i-e-s. Keep reading. Originally posted by imaginary-desires. Annoying Vampire. Bad Intentions. Dating Kol Mikaelson Would Include. I Have Questions.

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Grid View List View. Dating Kol Mikaelson would include. Kol mikaelson kol mikaelson the vampire diaries tvd the originals klaus mikaelson elijah mikaelson rebekah mikaelson Nathaniel Buzolic dating would include dating kol mikaelson would include.

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Show more notes. Dating Kol Mikaelson Would Include Do you comprehend? He looked behind him at the stairs and saw that you have a lost look on his face, so he rushed over to you.

Nobody ever taught me. Just follow my lead. Of course, you blushed bright red at his gesture.


The night ended amazingly. When the night was coming to an end, you and all of The Mikaelsons stood around to thank every guest for coming. After all of the guests were finally gone, Klaus disappeared to his room to do god knows what. You were about to leave to walk to your room, but Kol stopped you by lightly grabbing your wrist. Pretend what?

But, this gesture of his did make you feel some type of way. Reaching your bedroom, the two of you were face to face under your door frame. Summary: You and Kol get trapped in a spelled circle in the forest by a coven of witches who wish to get back on Klaus.

The cold wind was howling while small white snowflakes circled around and placed themselves everywhere on your body. The cold was taking over your body and one by one, every cell seemed to be turning into ice.

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Next to you, Kol took of his sweater and placed it around you, above the jacket which he had already given you. He brushed his arms continuingly up and down your arms but it did not bring you any warmth. The only thing you wanted was to go home and lay down underneath a pile of duvets.

Unfortunately, that was not a possibility. You were trapped in the cold weather with your best friend Kol. Despite the cold not being a problem for him, it was for you considering that you were human and intended on staying human.

Kol had been trying non-stop to reach his siblings on their phones but no one answered. But then, finally, Klaus picked up his phone.

Read Kol Mikaelson from the story The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen (Gerli) with 5, reads. jeremy, kai, tvd. Requested by @TheDood. Aug 12, á Read Kol Mikaelson from the story The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen (Gerli) with 5, reads. klaus, enzo, damon. Requested by @Grier Reviews: 3. Imagine dating Kol and going to opening night of Romeo and Juliet"Come on, darling. It will be fun." Kol said to you. You shook your head as you both walked down the hall of their mansion. "I don't want to see Romeo and Juliet, Kol. I hate that romantic stuff. Plus it will be like two hours long." You said and started to walk away.

He was angry and thus you could easily hear him as well. Kol: I assume you stole something from the witches - something that they would very much like back.

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Kol rose and went as far away from you as possible though it was not very far. He spoke quietly, hoping that you could not hear his words - but you could. Kol: Her teeth are chattering and her hands are white.

Rebekah Mikaelson: Imagine - Being a Falconer and showing Rebekah your Falcons. Imagine - Being friends with Rebekah. Imagine - Klaus & Rebekah catching you and Elijah in the act of PDA. Headcanons - Dating Rebekah Mikaelson. Kol Mikaelson: Headcanon - Dating Kol Mikaelson. Imagine - Trying to help Kol with a problem. Aug 13, á Dating Kol Mikaelson Would Include: Kol being extremely possessive and protective of you. "You're mine, nobody else's." Having really bad fights and arguments. Kol always flirting with other woman, which makes you jealous. You flirting with other men, which makes Kol jealous. Kol always teasing you, in more than one way. *wink* *wink*Reviews: This is preferences and imagines of and with a lot of fandom's there will be Divergent,the mortal instruments,step up and a lot more. Published February 12, ated 4 days ago. 21 pages 12, reads. Anime/Manga - Fantasy Preferences Imagines More.

Both her fingertips and lips are ice blue. After a few moments, he put his phone away and sat down next to you, placing his legs around you and holding you close into his body. That was when you realized something; his body was no longer cold. For some weird reason, you found that to be extremely fun and even let out a small laughter.

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Kol: What are you laughing about? Your statement was definitely not something that Kol found funny. Instead of laughing, he began stroking your arms one more time. I promise. Your energy was disappearing quicker and quicker and you fought hard to gather enough strength to speak. Cursing and swearing on the inside, Kol was boiling with anger about this situation.

One thing was hurting him but hurting and perhaps even killing you was a complete different thing. He saw you closing your eyes while he heard your heartbeat getting even slower as you drifted into unconsciousness. That was when he decided that he would turn you despite you having made it very clear that you did not want to become a vampire. Just before he bit into his wrist, he saw two figures coming out behind the trees. The panic in his voice did not go unnoticed by neither Freya nor Klaus.

Freya quickly began doing the spell while Kol stamped his foot impatiently and Klaus gave worried glances towards both you and Freya.

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Kol did not even thank them. As soon as the spell was broken, he lifted you up into his arms and vamp-speeded into the Mikaelson Mansion where he carefully placed you on his bed. After having turned on the heat to a maximum and placed several blankets and duvets around you, he entered the bed himself and held you tight while rubbing your skin once again, praying for you to open your eyes and for your heartbeat to getting steady.

When he finally got to see your beautiful eyes once more, he let out a sigh of relief and placed his forehand on yours. Then you clung onto him even tighter, feeling relieved that you would get to see another sunrise and live another day with Kol by your side. What none of you knew was that Klaus was standing in the door opening, watching the two of you carefully. Even if the two of you did not know it, Klaus did - you two were soulmates. Maybe not romantically, at least not yet, but the two of you suited each other just as well as hot chocolate suits a snowy night.

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You were drinking at the Mystic Falls Grill when one of your so-called enemies came in. You both cared about each other, showed support and opened up.

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On the other hand, non of you declared anything. You were simply scared that loving each other will cause you more pain than hiding your feelings. It lead to two heartbroken creatures causing trouble together.

Killing people and setting things on fire were your only options to forget about love. It was time to tell them, you gulped as you walked to the door of the boarding house.

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Kol squeezed your hand in support. Once inside, you took shaking steps slowly towards the parlour. Imagine - Elijah comforting you when you feel like you are too childish for your age.

Imagine - Wearing a couples costume with Elijah. Imagine - The way Elijah looks at you when you cuddle. Imagine - Elijahs face when he sees you after thinking you were dead.

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Imagine - The way Elijah kisses you. Imagine - Walking around with a hickey without realizing. Headcanons - Being in a relationship with Elijah.

Jun 16, á Imagine 5 - Kol Mikaelson (Part 1) Imagine 6 - Kol Mikaelson (Part 2) Imagine 7 - Elijah Mikaelson Imagine 8 - Davina Claire Preference 15 - Dating Kol Mikaelson Includes Preference 16 - Dating Elijah Mikaelson Includes Preference 17 - Dating Klaus Mikaelson Includes Reviews: 1. Oct 8, - This Pin was discovered by Philkas Evak Malec. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. TVD imagines/preferences - Dating Kol- Headcanons - Wattpad. kol imagine kol mikaelson. 36 notes. Kol Mikaelson never liked admitting that he was jealous. However, from the angered expressions on his face, it was clear that he was. He held his bourbon glass in his hand, examining it while trying to ignore the fact that you were practically.

Let it Go. Rock My DNA.

Dating kol mikaelson imagines

I think my fangs are coming loose. AU: Fake Boyfriend.

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Sick Reader - Nurse Elijah. First Meeting; Christmas Party. Headcanons - Klaus reacts to the reader getting hurt. Headcanons - Dating Klaus Mikaelson. Headcanons - Being plus-sized and dating Klaus.

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