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Anyway, they basically said that med students date each other. I also know a recent graduate who dated, married and had a kid in his last 3 years of school. Also most people say don't eat where you shit, but a lot of people do end up dating classmates.

I'm also worried about this, specifically the gay part, since a lot of people end up pairing off whether this good or bad is down to the couple and if, if it ends, they can be grown-ups about it in med school and that's not likely to be something that you or I have the opportunity to do; like you said, it's a numbers game.

Dec 23,   I started medical school with a 1 year old and a 3 year old. I then had a 3rd child in medical school. That all took a lot more time than dating. In general, you want to think twice about dating someone in your class. If you are just compelled by undeniable attraction to a med school classmate, nothing I say will change your mind. Jan 06,   Dating in medical school is not easy. During the first two years, you are constantly studying and making sure you are passing (and hopefully acing!) all your exams. Then there's USMLE Step 1. Then during the third year, you are in the hospital or clinic every day and THEN you come home and study. Medical school is not only time-consuming; it is mind-consuming. The Hardest Times to Be Dating in Med School Dating a Third-Year Medical Student. That said, it was important for them to look at the schedule in advance as much as [ 57] Common Complaints from Significant Others of Med Students. When Sarah got to talk to other significant others.

I don't think 40 minutes is too bad. It might be rough in the beginning, the actual dating part, going on dates to find someone, but say you find yourself a boyfriend eventually, if that's what you're interested in pursuing. Edit: Med school requires balance. If you don't have the time to spend a few hours here and there putting in the effort to see a partner, then you either need to fix how you're scheduling your time to be more efficient or you need to accept that and wait a little longer.

I dont know where you are from, but 40 minutes outside a big city isnt bad. If you dont find anyone to date in med school, you just make the trip into the city trust me 40 minutes isnt bad and find people there. We have a decent number of couples within our class and between classes - its natural imo given that a lot of your time is spent with these people.

We also have an associated undergrad and other grad programs, so there are a decent of couples that formed through those connections. Hope not. Gonna be married going in.

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That being said I know quite a few buddies who are in committed relationships in med school and they seem to have few issues apart from the expected ones from the workload. There were plenty at my school in a less populated area.

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Valuable dating in medical school can, too

AMA-style threads are not allowed without prior moderator approval. Welcome tothe front page of the internet. This could take 3 weeks or 3 months. Be patient and supportive. His schedule will change with each new block he takes. Be clear on what you need and want. If you've had a bad day and need 20 minutes to vent, tell him. He'll learn to balance it, or the relationship will fail.

I've dated people who aren't in medical school, and other medical students.

Dating in medical school opinion

It's tough either way with ups and downs just like any other relationship. Yes I go on dates. Yes I go places like small trips etc. The hardest part about dating in medical school is maintaining and sharing a schedule. He'll still be able to be spontaneous at times though. There are a few different cts to consider that I have seen crop up.

I will list just a few but please realize it depends heavily on who you two are as people. Your abilities to cope with each other, with stress, with being ignored at times, with being jealous at times etc All of those facets of your personalities and how you two fit together make a difference.

Jul 07,   Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Kevin Jubbal, M.D. and Med School Insiders LLC will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death. May include affiliate links to Amazon. Feb 17,   Kevin Dwyer is happily engaged to a second-year resident he began dating when she was in medical school, but he admits that their progress . Dec 10,   Tons of people date during 3rd/4th year rotations, and even during residency, crazy as it may seem. Med students/doctors of the opposite gender are going to drive you crazy pretty soon. Trust me on this one. If you have a poor Step 1 score, you should start dating the smartest chic in your year as soon as possible.

Most relationships don't work through med school because most relationships aren't that great to begin with. What I mean is that if you took a similar sized group of people who aren't in med school but had same relationship rates as your bf's class, the same number of shitty relationships will exist in both pools. The difference is that med school will put all of the relationships through a very big stress test and many will just fail because they weren't going to last anyway.

There really is no way to convey to truly convey to someone how much time, energy and effort that is required to really do well in medical school. Just saying that we study "a lot" or "all the time" does not properly convey everything that comes along with that.


It is mentally and emotionally exhausting and simply being in the state of emotional exhaustion can be tough for some people and will likely cause an argument or two. As far as the nuts and bolts of time spent with each other it will vary widely from institution to institution.

Schools have different schedules and requirements so it is hard to answer that. Also, people study different amounts. While it is safe to say that most of their time will be spent studying, there are wide variations. I know people who went out every weekend and I know people who went out once or twice a semester.

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I can't know what type he will be. I have seen study groups be problematic for jealous relationships if someone is in a study group with someone of the opposite sex, or develops a close professional relationship with someone of the opposite sex or same sex for gay couples. Essentially it is the time issue though. You are going to have things that happen to you or upset you in your life that he just might not have enough time to deal with at that particular moment.

This might lead to you feeling like he is unsupportive or emotionally unavailable or pulling away or whatever and it can be problematic at times. With all of that said, it can work. It take two people who really care for each other and are committed to making it work.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to just approach it as a roller coaster you are on together. Try to hold on and enjoy the ride as much as possible. If you guys are good and have proper communication you will be fine. Not everyone has that though.

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Be supportive of each other and both have to make an effort to consciously work towards bettering the relationship. These are just a few thoughts. Med school takes up a shit load of your time. Just know that. You may go a good while without seeing him, just understand that he's probably not avoiding you, just bogged down with work. A lot of my non-medic friends get frustrated at my lack of committing to activities etc.

I see it from their point of view, but if you can understand that there'll basically be a lot of planning involved in when you can see each other, then you should be fine. It's rough, because I miss him and he isn't there every night for me to come home to. On the other hand, I feel like I also have the best of both worlds because we can see each other on weekends, and my weekdays are reserved for studying. I text him good morning and call him to say good night every day. When he's in town, we're usually running my errands still settling inbut we turn it into quality time.

Something that's nice is when I'm camped out on the couch next to him studying, he'll ask questions and I can explain things to him that help me cement the concepts. One of my huge motivators to do well in school is to kick so much ass that I have my pick of residencies in my specialty, location-wise.

I want to be able to go back home to my sweetheart and live with him. It's so, so important to me to have someone who's got my back and encourages me when things are rough.

Dating in medical school

If your boyfriend does end up going to med school, decide before he goes whether you're in or out. Med school is no time to find the relationship that you're relying on for emotional support isn't there for you anymore.

The hardest part about dating in medical school is maintaining and sharing a schedule. You should be able to schedule in times for dates/trips/movies etc. He'll still be able to be spontaneous at times though. My friends had this funny phrase about dating in med school (can't remember it though!). Something about dropping a cold turkey after thanksgiving break. Anyway, they basically said that med students date each other. You spend most of your time with your peers, so you're more likely to date one of them. Nov 18,   If you're more worried about everyone in med school already being settled down/unavailable to date, well 1) I can assure you that won't be the case (unless you're going to Utah lol) and 2) many people recommend dating outside of your medical school class anyways because the class sizes are so small.

Of course, don't feel guilty if you decide that the life of med student's partner is not for you, but do make that decision ahead of time. My partner is also onwould you like me to point this thread out to him for his perspective?

That's kind of what I'm trying to decide right now I love him so much, but the way people talk about med school scares me and I don't know what he's going to be like or how I'm going to handle it. Thanks for commenting though! This helps. I'm glad to hear you guys have a good relationship :.

Just so you know, med school or my experience in it, at least demands much more studying time than just weekday evenings. In that way, its much much different than a college or post-bac relationship. Obviously it depends on the year and the class, but I wouldn't build up an expectation of weekend time, because you will just end up resenting the fact that he is busy during demarcated Relationship Time.

Dating a Doctor

EDIT: Which is not to say that you shouldn't make RT obviously - small dates to local restaurants have been our go-to. But for us, that meant sometimes studying until dinner, eating dinner, and going back home to study. I have a different experience, perhaps since my SO is not in med school and there benefits in no way by "study dates".

If your relationship is a priority and you have discipline, you can put in extra hours during the week and leave weekends dedicated for your SO. It means less video games, Netflix, Facebook, etc. It may also mean not honoring every single thing. Balancing work and life starts NOW, not when you are an attending. The boy swung by to read the thread and reported that he had nothing to add. Just didn't want you to think you were abandoned. My experience has been almost identical.

We dated long distance through the first year of med school. If you want it to work, and he wants it to work, it will. I'd like to add a question in here. Do you think living together makes the relationship easier or harder while in med school? Do you think living together makes med school easier or harder? Just finished my 1st year and I moved in at the beginning of this year.

Things have been going great. I just proposed to her last week. I think it's much easier to live with each other.

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Of course that depends on what your relationship is like. My girlfriend understands what it's like to be in school Sometimes, our hangouts are going to the cafe and studying together and that's OK. She was in physical therapy school when I was applying. The prospect of me moving away was real, but she was ready to select her clinical rotations at the places where I was going and then move down when she finished school. Luckily, I got accepted to the same school she was going to.

It's tough, I tried to do it and it didn't work out for me, my SO left me 1 month into the start of school :. It really all comes down to your boyfriends time management and your needs. You've been dating for 3 years, so I assume you both have a great amount understanding, respect, patience, and love for each other.

Communication is key, so make sure you and your boyfriend are both on the same page. Lastly, maintain a positive yet realistic projection of your relationship. Don't let insecurities and doubts ruin something that is pure and genuine. I wish you two the best! I'm going in to my second year right now, and I'm in a long-distance relationship with a vet student 3 states away.

We're doing decently about as well as it can go.

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We don't really have fights, but sometimes when both of us are busy it gets really lonely - and it's a really weird feeling being lonely but in a committed relationship. I've seen a few relationships crumble around me and a few survive, but the ones that do survive have all have two things in common.

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One, they all make time for each other, even if it's a little bit. Even if he's studying, try to have dinner together, maybe watch a TV show together. Two, both of you have to handle stress relatively well.

Your BF WILL get stressed - it's the nature of med school, but he has to make sure to never take it out on you, and to make sure to talk about happy and positive things with you, and not just complain. And you'll have to understand that his schedule WILL suck but try not to ever make him feel like his being in med school is causing you unhappiness. MS2 checking in. The comments here are absolutely spot-on.

The number one reason, of course, was miscommunication secondary to being in a long distance relationship. Couple things I've noticed from my med school friends i'd say out of my 9 closest friends that were in relationships : 2 that were married prior to med school remained married, 1 engagement called off due to infidelity and ultimately ended up in failing academically, 1 arranged marriage called off due to long-distance issues, 4 breaks up due to long-distance issues again, and 1 break up weeks prior to med school.

However, with that said, these are just numbers and don't statistically prove anything. The relationships that I see working here are the ones that involve couples studying together or the married couples.

Congratulate, dating in medical school happens. can

In the end, it all depends on how much you put in to the relationship that counts. I wouldn't worry about it until he gets into med school, that's the first hurdle most people don't make it over.

She works full time and goes to grad school at night, otherwise I'd probably get to see her more.

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She's really supportive and low-maintenance, so if we have to change our plans last minute neither of us mind. However, I'm a very anxious person so It's just been bugging me lately. Oh dang, change the genders plus the fact I was the one going to medical school and I'm with you in this situation.

At the end of undergrad we were on the rocks because neither of us knew how medical school would change things. Couple that with the fact she was out of the country for four months doing research and we were just asking for failure.

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