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However, you can not catch shingles itself from someone else. Shingles are caused by the chickenpox virus which has been dormant staying quiet in your body ever since you had chickenpox. Although shingles are contagious and can transmit the chickenpox virus to susceptible people, classic, localized shingles are not as contagious as chickenpox itself. While you can get chickenpox "by touching or breathing in the virus particles that come from chickenpox blisters," you can also likely get chickenpox "through tiny droplets from infected people that get into the air after they breathe or talk. You typically have to have direct contact with the shingles blisters for it to be contagious.

The contagious factor is also why toddlers and young children may be more susceptible to scabies.

The close contact in a childcare center is a fast way for the infestation to spread. Older adults are more likely to develop crusted or Norwegian scabies, as are people who have a condition that weakens their immune system.

Your doctor will likely be able to diagnose scabies simply by performing a physical exam and inspecting the affected area of skin.

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In some cases, your doctor may want to confirm the diagnosis by removing a mite from the skin with a needle.

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