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Exhibit Baseball Cards were often overlooked by vintage card collectors and little known to newcomers to the hobby. The over-sized Exhibit cards were produced by the Exhibit Supply Co out of Chicago, with the first set produced in The Exhibit cards have become more popular in recent years, as for vintage collectors, the cards offer a more affordable way to purchase cards of star players during their playing days. We hope you enjoy. Starting in , ESCO placed vending machines in penny arcades filled with the stars of the day; this not only included baseball players, but movie stars, boxers and even pinup girls.

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Numerous transactions with over board members. June 11, AM. Yes sorry the Mays looks like a reprint.

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June 15, PM. Well I got the Exhibits that I bought on in. From the info posted above thanks again! Very happy considering the seller did not have photo's listed so they went very cheap.

The packing was suspect and the corners are bent as the seller did not use holders that covered the entire card so the top corners were exposed.

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June 16, AM. What no love for the football exhibits?

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Great Bargains for Great Looking Vintage cards. Hey Hooken, those are good exhibits so congrats nice looking. Ok BDB here are a couple Football to add to the sweet ones you posted.

June 21, AM.

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Any idea why PSA grades baseball and not football exhibits? November 4, AM.

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August 7, AM. This is the thread that first introduced me to the CU boards, and I have referred back to it somewhat frequently over the last year as I pick up Exhibits cards here and there.

As a result exhibit card feature some of the game's most iconic players from the roaring 20s, the depression era, and the golden age of the post-war era. Babe Ruth Exhibit Cards. Any conversation about pre-war sports cards begins with Babe Ruth. As the most popular player of the era, Ruth was featured in exhibit sets through the s and 30s. Sep 20, Up to now all cards were still somewhat reddish brown so it is revealing to note that in all cards were issued in black and white, and then in all cards were a deep brown. It is thus possible to do some dating by color in this issue. Dating Exhibit Cards, indian free dating site, online dating chat rooms chennai, dating credit report.

I like to try to narrow the year of printing as much as possible. This week I bought 9 Exhibits from a dealer. I have no doubt to their authenticity, but in narrowing the years I found a discrepancy I hope the board can help me with.

Stephens' name is printed in "a distinctive typescript" in the bottom left corner that is also consistent with this 3 year period. Here's the conundrum: Stephens' last year with the Red Sox was Were they still printing this card 2 years later? I could see them releasing the card in if he played for the Sox in Not sure about though although I think that is a small thing to worry about.

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Can anybody answer this question for me, which is important TO ME? Personally I think wrestling is for booger eaters, but I've never expressed that opinion until now. NM condition Working on '78 Autographed set now Some great responses in this thread. That Gehrig is one of my favorite pieces in the hobby. Edit to add, regarding the unnecessary negativity above in what is a nice thread: In Wrestling's defense, he said "I THINK," so the man wasn't trying to proselytize or tell anyone how to collect.

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When on the internet, best to slow one's roll and take a breath before typing invective. Let's keep it positive and collegial, gentlemen.

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I don't know how it came across through my message but since he played for the Sox in and cards can come out a year later AND knowing that exhibits typically have a range, I find it hard to accurately nail it down to a single year.

These are not traditional cards and the presses may have been in operation for a few years. I wasn't trying to come across as smart I just don't know if you will be able to get it as precise as you want apparently.

The "set" consists of baseball cards that measure 3 3/8" x 5 3/8" The black & white photos with the simulated autograph, and have blank backs. The cards are not numbered, and have been arranged in alphabetical order. Below is a dating chart for breaking down the years issued. For the FREE complete Printer friendly (4 pages). The black and white cards, which measure /8" by /8", are blank-backed. They have been designated as W in Jefferson Burdick's American Card Catalog. Most exhibits were sold through arcade vending machines for a penny. There are two sets of numbered aircraft-related cards of . Exhibit Supply Company Baseball Card Dating Chart Exhibit baseball cards are difficult to date because the only way to distinguish between years is by very subtle differences. Most Exhibit cards are blank backed with very little identifying text on the front.

I don't want an argument. I tried to take it back but had unfortunately already been quoted. Having it down to three years is a lot better than Having it down to 3 years isn't the problem. If I was sure it was I'd be more than happy I have a Kaline.

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The problem is that it doesn't match his Red Sox years, so that leaves me unsure whether that 3 year period is correct. I used this thread to narrow years and then cross referenced them with playing years according to Baseball Reference. Out of the 13 I own, this is the only one with a discrepancy. Hence my question. June 21, PM. Great info I am collecting these and did not know most of this. I knew I had one laying around! Tallulah Bankhead - 'There have been only two geniuses in the world.

Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare. June 22, PM. I noticed that Krukcards on has some Exhibits fromwho makes those?

Defining Moments: Recession Art and Other Strategies with Peter Cripps

Anyone have any info on those, because they look alright to me. I know many were reprinted. I don't have any additional info about any issues. Guru Posts: 3, I know that the Hall of Fame reprinted some of these in red and blue in the 80's.

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Also, something I've learned in the last 10 years collecting these, there are a TON of fakes and reprints out there. Make sure you're educated on these before purchasing and as always, if you don't know There were seven separate issues issued from through with subtle differences that allow for a collector to decipher the difference, although ESCO did not print any year on the cards.

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The set is chock full of stars and features a highly sought after playing day Babe Ruth card. A confusing thing about the Exhibit set is that some of the cards were actually printed with borders.

An example is the Ty Cobb card listed below. Thus, if it has a border, it still could be a card. I think the Cobb card and the Ruth card are definitely worth a look for vintage collectors and undervalued given the population. Both fantastic longer term investments in my eyes. The following two Exhibit issues in and are nearly identical in nature, and even include some of the same exact cards. For example there is a card in the set of Babe Ruth that is the same exact image, except for the issue has white borders, whereas the issue does not.

It appears that the company came out with sets of 64 cards in then started additions and removals after that for two years. That is why the issue is the easiest to finish-by far-and the set is so difficult: a good chunk of the set was issued in and even in It is also why some of the cards seem easier than others. We can indeed see from the PSA Pop Reports that the Exhibit cards are certainly more plentiful than the two later issues.

On average about 25 of each card in the Exhibits set has been graded, with 10 of each player graded in the setand 8 on average of each player in the set. Thus even though the looks nearly identical to the version aside from the white borders and was printed a few years later, it is worth a lot more money.

Big difference! The set is also much larger than previous years.

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This is all utterly confusing I know. Note the set is certainly on the scarcer side of all the Exhibits. This release from ESCO features 20 borderless cards which are distinct from the other issue from the W set in the same year.

Dating exhibit cards

The cards feature postcard backs although there are three different known variations. This issue is on the scarcer side of all the Exhibit issues. PSA has graded 17 of the Babe Ruth card from the set, although other players can be a lot harder to find.

Jun 22, The Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago made "exhibits" postcard sized cards that you purchased in vending machines at amusment parks, fairs, stores etc from They issued sports, including baseball, football and boxing as well as actors, wild west and many other types. The baseball were issued from and are broken into a number of. There are several ways to date postcards that are seemingly undated. This page provides a few general methods for determining a time period or date for fatgirlnmotion.comL POSTCARD CHRONOLOGY[edan-image:id=siris_sic_,size=,left]Postcard producers printed cards that followed the current trends of postcards. Dates can be approximated by the material and design of a . Thus trying to figure out if a Dimaggio Exhibit card was produced in or can make a big difference in the end values for the cards. One great resource for dating Exhibit cards was put together by Keyman Collectibles As you can see in the aforementioned link, the key is to examine the print words on the front of the card. For example, in the Exhibits issue, the lettering .

From through Exhibit released a postcard backed set, featuring 69 cards, with many different back and front variations. Note this set is completely different from the other Exhibit issues released during the same time. From the aforementioned work of Warshaw, he has also clarified some important points about the set, which I have listed below:.

However there is a vast variation in the set as there are notable short prints which make piecing this set together a challenge.

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The cards have the same design as the regular Exhibit issue and have a blue tint likely to distinguish from the other set. The cards are quite hard to find and there is little in the form of star power in the set, thus for those interested in collecting HOF like sets, this one would most likely be best avoided unless you are prone to torture like situations as PSA has graded in total only of these cards or less than 5 per player on average.

This chart will be used as the basis for dating the Exhibit movie star cards. The subtle differences in the text is very important when identifying Exhibit cards, because Exhibit often used the same picture of a star for several years. The only way to tell the difference .

Following the end of the W issue inESCO switched to a different card format for the next ten years, featuring four player images on each individual card. A total of eight different sets were produced in this era, and the individual sets are often notated as W, W, etc. A total of cards were issued over the course of the eight different sets.

As common with other ESCO issues, there are varying color fronts and different backs, including blank backs and postcard backs. The issue shown below is from the issue or W and features Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

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