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Toggle navigation. Vintage guitars for sale: Egmond. Vintage original Egmond Typhoon Electric Bass. Plays and sounds great. These are tough to find in good condition and the condition is excellent on this one with all working electronics and good neck. Plays well all the way up and down without buzz or issues.

I got a Yamaha for Christmas in and still enjoy it. Anyway, in the 80s I went stupid, stripped the tattered tobacco burst finish off the Egmond and refinished it in a solid stain. Since it was my first guitar, I plan on restoring it sometime but doubt that it will ever be much of a player! My son and one of my nephews leaned to play on it and my son still heads for it when he visits. I have a red acoustic Egmond f-body guitar I bought back in in Scotland as a starry-eyed 15 year old.

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Unfortunately I never learned to play it and 34 years later it's in need of some repair the body has sunken between the f-holes and needs to be opened up and rebraced - which will probably cost me a fair amount to get fixed.

The serial number on the back of the stock is I still think it's a cool looking guitar and I'll likely bite the bullet and get it fixed. You never know, now that my son is taking guitar lessons, maybe I can learn to play as well!!

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My dad bought it in Germany while in the army Hi Rusty, I also have an egmond lap steel. Dont know where i got it from. It is in fine condition, But by the petina in the paintwork it is obviously very old. I would like to date it. Regards Brian. I also have a Egmond lapsteel, and it's quite hard to date these instuments. I heard they were in their catalogs but havent seen one.

Has anybody an old ad?

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Hey Brian et al I am not sure how to date these guitars entirely We should post a pic of our guitars just for interest sake. I bought my Red Egmond Electric semi-acoustic bass in I just couldn't let it go. It sounds awesome even today. If your interested, I will send a photo of it. I'm located in Western Massachusetts I bid on and won purchase of an Egmond guitar. Small in size.

Not knowing anything about these guitars piqued my curiosity.

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Unpacking the guitar. I noticed a single pickup and vol. The seller listed the guitar as a '61 "Egmond Hofner". This guitar is serious need of work.

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I have an old egmond, it has arched top in starburst pattern ,single pick up but the hook up for the electric cord is a screw on type.

Any info I can get on this would be greatly appreciated. Egmond is a guitar company from the netherland it was massproducing guitars from the 60's till the 70's.

It was at one point taken over by Martin. But was never related to Hofner. They were producing a couple of thousand guitars a week in their factory witch was located in Best a small village near Eindhoven.

The guitar were one of the cheapest around at that time. With us in Holland a egmond guitar is worth someting between 50 till euro, in dollars is almost the same. Archtops and basses are worth more than others. Please send me some pics I got a hole archieve of egmond pictures.

So maybe I can tell you what the type of guitar it is you got. I have a 12 - string Egmond Guitar that I've been looking for info about for a while now. It's got a hummingbird scratchplate and still has the signature of authenticity inside the sound hole. It's in quite bad shape as it has been passed through many hands but I was wondering if it might be worth anything. All I know is the serial number: I would be really happy if you had any kid of information about the guitar and how much it's worth.?

Hello From Malta.

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My name is anthony. Many Thanks in advance. Hi Anthonyit's been quite a view years nowbut can you still sent me the picture of your Egmond bass?

In the Egmond company went bankrupt. The activity, that used to be so comprehensive, was to an end. AudioOne in Canada is the owner of the Egmond brand. They had plans to re-launch a series of Egmond guitars. They were refreshed versions of the most popular Egmond guitars, slightly different in appearance and made of modern materials and fatgirlnmotion.comg: dating. Egmond 's Electric Guitar. Made in Holland. Vintage Guitar. Egmond guitars were made in Holland, very similar in quality to Harmony and Kay brands in the U S. Many British Invasion bands learned to play and got their first gigs with Egmond guitars including George Harrison and Missing: dating. The Guitardater Project cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar, this site is simply meant as a tool to satisfy the curiosity of guitar enthusiasts. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used.

Hi, I own an Egmond Typhoon black. The guitar has great looks, many compliments on my way when i take it as a substitute on stage. It's build in and some people will pay more than Euro for this guitar. Contact me for further details.

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In the seventies I came in the possesion of an Egmond typhoon, built in the sixties. The body covered with red skai.

Egmond Acoustic Guitar. Posted by dee cee on Sun, 04/01/ - I have an Egmond 6 string f-hole guitar. The body is a golden color center with darker shading around the outside. The guard is white and the bridge is adjustable with two round rollers. The head is an arch with the name Egmond lettered in gold and a metal plate with 3 screws Missing: dating. For example, means that the guitar was made on Feb. 19, and was the th instrument made that day. There are three exceptions to this rule. If the guitar was made in , the eight-digit number will start with a "" If the guitar was made in , the guitar number will start with "". Guitar dating. "Unfortunately you cannot date Egmond guitars by the numbers. You can only give a rough dating by looking in their catalogues and by the types of parts they used in their different years. Best dating info is here " [source: Wim Markenhof from EgmondGuitars website, email 12/2/].

It has 3 elements, a switch with 7 positions and a tremolo If anyone is interested: it is for sale!! The guitar has great looks, : many compliments on my way when i take it as a substitute on stage.

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I have three: a semi-acoustic sort of shape with 2 single coil pick-ups a Western - not market Egmond but with the tell tale cross mark and 'Made in Holland' label on back of neck a Rosetti Lucky 7 red semi-acoustic with single cutaway but, alas, no scratch plate with pick-up Thes are undoubtedly historic see the 'you were very unlucky to have a Lucky 7' comment from the Beatles George Harrison: however they are virtally unplayable due to their necks without truss rods and curvy swervy necks.

I still love them all. Perhaps they'd be good for slide playing. Best Martin. Contact Contents Privacy Policy Forum. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. Skip to Navigation.

Search through Jedi Star's online "Guide To Guitar Dating," which lists and depicts guitars alphabetically by brand, if you don't know your guitar's manufacturer. Tips If you've acquired a pre-owned electric guitar and cannot identify its brand or model with certainty, you may have a custom-made instrument assembled from the parts of two. Other manufacturers - Guitar Egmond serial numbers Egmond serial numbers Ťon: January 08, , AM I have an egmond 12 string which i believe to be from something. i know that the serial number does not correspond with a date but i have heard that it may be related to the guitars number in a series (number made) does. I have a Egmond archtop acoustic that was my very first 6 string. Bought in And yes, the serial # is in the back of the stock, in between the machine heads, mine is: I keep it for obvious sentimental reasons. I came across a web site with the History of the Egmond factory and family. Very good here it it for anybody interested.

Production of Banjos and Mandolins was added. In the early 60's there were 80 employees and guitars a week, was made. And the business moved to Best, a northern suburb of Eindhoven. In the 60's the Egmond was the largest luthier in Europe and they were more known for quantity than quality. Cheap instruments was made in large numbers and, practically, everyone could afford to buy a guitar.

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The Egmond guitars had insipid model designations with letters and numbers in a strange combination. To popularize the guitars, they came up with the 7 -series.

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It was the Lucky 7the Solid 7 and the Bass 7. More about the Lucky 7 and Solid 7 in the My Egmonds tab. Several guitarists and bass players has started their careers with an Egmond. In George Harrison begun playing on an acoustic guitar. More about the Toledo in the My Egmonds tab.

Also Brian May started with an Egmond Toledo. During Andrew Guyton restored Brian May's guitar to better than new. Paul McCartney used a Rosetti Solid 7that he re-stringed with four piano-strings, to make it a bass.

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It didn't work that well but maybe he was not aware that Egmond Rosetti had the Bass 7. But Egmond also made high quality instruments.

To only mention a few, there was the Egmond 2 and 3furthermore there was the Egmond 2V and 3V.

Dating egmond guitars

They had 2 or 3 pickups, as the number states. A more advanced and luxury guitar, with the same body shape as the 2V and 3Vwas the Egmond Tempest.

Egmond made basses in the same model series.

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A simpler and cheaper version, with the same body shape, was the Egmond Scout. Egmond Scout had a simple solid un-chamfered body, equipped with externally attached combined pickguard and pickup same as Solid 7. In total, there was a jungle of model designations and names. Hundreds of versions and variants was made during the years. Also a range of guitar amplifiers was made by Egmond. They were designed in collaboration with Philips and used speakers and components from Philips.

In the end of the 60's, the Egmond amplifiers were made by Davoli and Steelphon, in Italy. Accompany to the book about Egmon written by Wim Markenhof, is some Egmond catalogs that gives you a hint of the comprehensive product range of Egmond. Egmond branded their instruments different at other markets in other countries. D uring most of the 60's, the American market was tremendous for the Egmond company, shipping one container of guitars every week, to New York.

My Egmond Lucky 7 guitar

The competition from cheap Korean instruments, made the American Egmond importer to shift from buying guitars from the Egmond company to buy from a Korean manufacturer instead. All the sales to America ended and the Egmond company found themselves in a tricky situation. Roderich Paesold is a violin manufacturer in Germany, that started with manufacturing of violin bows and strings in So, this name was used for a series of guitars, that were made by Egmond in Boxtel, just north of Best.

Get some more details, when you read about my Roderich Paesold P

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