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Collector Jon Crumiller explains one method to find the answer. This column examines one effective and highly interesting method - by finding dated, documented resources. This is evident in books, magazines, prints, and artwork. Historic items that include pictorial representations of chess sets. Photos courtesy Jon Crumiller. A typical example of this dating method is shown in a painting by renowned English artist Francis Cotes

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I noticed that, and it drives me mad. Sets from Chess Bazaar especially tend to be like this.

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The ring just above the base never seems quite defined enough, and it's apparent on their reproduction.

I really, really hope they fix this in the next revision. You can also note the difference in the mane of the Knight pieces among these sets. The Jaques sets have a modest mane, and it doesn't stick out. It should not be like that. I did know about the Cooke set, but I didn't see a 4.

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It might have been retired. I asked the online support at the site if they had any information, and they weren't even sure if they ever produced it in that size. They're going to get back to me with more info.

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I am probably never going into that kind of business - I could afford one in a lifetime if I really wanted to, but I use chessboards to play chess, so anything that looks nice, is weighted adequately and doesn't break when dropped off one meter is fine for me - but still, it was a good read. Well, since there seems to be a slight uptick in the popularity of this design probably due to Alan Dewey it means more sets are going to be made, and that also means that eventually these sets will be seen oncraigslist, and the like.

Dating chess sets

As far as playablity goes I regularly play over the board with my 4. Sometimes on my 3" board with black and red squares because that's all I got. And sometimes on my 2.

Jaques Staunton Chess Sets Out of print, but republished in an electronic edition: "Jaques Staunton Chess Sets: a Collectors guide" has been released as Kindle book from Amazon. Once purchased, it can be used on any PC, Mac or iPhone/iPad registered with your Kindle account. It looks good on an iPhone and is always at hand for reference. While Staunton chess sets must be used in tournament play, many different types of chess sets are available to collectors, some dating back hundreds of years. Many collectors focus on regions when collecting sets, including Asian, English, German, Polish, Philippine, and African sets. Collectors also search for sets made of materials other than plastic, including wood, ivory, glass, porcelain, and . Antique Chess & Backgammon Sets Tim Millard is one of the leading specialist dealers buying & selling Chess Sets & Backgammon boards with an extensive stock of antique sets ranging from fine Staunton sets by Jaques to fine European, Chinese & Indian Sets.

And I've found it is especially helpful in the social ct of playing. People are much more likely to come over and chat a bit, or want to try their hand at the game if they see a group playing on a fine set. Wood is an exotic material to many people these days. If they see plastic pieces and a roll up vinyl board the game can come across as a bit small-time, and the domain of "gamers".

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Jaques of London created the first Staunton set. It quickly became the most popular design because the pieces are easily recognized.

Unboxing a 1000 dollar chess set by Purling London

Later it became the only design approved by FIDE for tournaments. There are many variations of the design but they all have the main characteristics in common, which are mainly horses for knights, towers for rooks, and stylized hats crowns, miters, helmets or heads above collars for the rest of the pieces. Here's a short history from the Jaques America site. Something I've always been curious about - are specific Staunton designs patented? I know the original Cooke design from was patented, but I don't know if that patent is still in effect.

I read the other day that HoS deploys a legal team to enforce patents on some of their designs, so that implies makers can and are still actively patenting specific Staunton variations I'd say the patent on the pre sets has run out a long time ago.

So I doubt any of the retailers are paying royalties to Jaques.

Amerous 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set - 2 Extra Queens - Folding Board, Handmade Portable Travel Chess Board Game Sets with Game Pieces Storage Slots - Beginner Chess Set for Kids and Adults. out of 5 stars $ $ Get it as soon as Fri, Jul FREE Shipping by Amazon. This is a beautiful chess set! I was hesitant to buy it online sight unseen but the pictures were very clear and accurate. The pieces are nicely weighted and wonderfully carved. The board itself is hefty and has beautifully inlaid squares. The box for the pieces is nicely lined with velvet and hold the pieces well. I highly recommend this set. Jul 18,   It seems like these sets are important enough and popular enough to warrant their own thread. I'm especially interested in discussing the " club sized sets made from til the early s. It seems these sets are the "Ultimate" chess set to own in .

There are usually small enough differences in the sets like not using screw-in weights that I'm not sure if the patent law would even apply. The trademark might be another story. Jaques might still have the rights to the "Staunton Chessmen", and everybody else has to call it a "Staunton pattern" other than House of Staunton who seems to pay for this privilege.

Another note about accuracy: the number of points on the Queen. On the earliest Jaques sets it was 8 points, and later changed to Some sets I've looked at online have up to 13! Note that the coronet has only 8 points. Baize is a more coarse, woolen material than the billiard cloth used today. And personally, I'd like it if someone incorporated these little identification stickers: Of course, they'd need to be ated to reflect the current date and manufacturer.

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And to go even further down the road of intense accuracy it must be mentioned that the black Knight head pieces of the first few years were all made of ebonized boxwood, not true ebony. And they were screwed on, not glued. Add these differences up with some others the screw-in weights I mentioned, the Kingside stamping and you're starting to have some "near perfect reproductions" that aren't really that near perfect all. But, it's coming along, and I'm hoping for some of these things to be incorporated in the future.

I don't think they screwed in the lead weights but rather poured in molten lead, which is why so many of the old weighted sets developed cracks I messaged with the folks at Chessbazaar and they confirmed the above information Looking forward to that.

I do not like sets in which the rook is taller than the knight so this rules certain sets out for me. You need a nice chess table for such nice sets! Actually, I'm pretty sure they screwed them in. On vintage Jaques sets, you can actually see the tool marks in the weight that were used to screw it in.

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Frank, are you sure those marks are not peen marks? I checked my Jaques bible by Alan Fersht but I can't find any mention of how the pieces were weighted. Best wishes, John C.


Jul 16, 1. Here Note here that the Rook is incorrectly taller than the Knight. Jul 17, 2. A wonderful essay. Jul 17, 3. Jul 17, 4. Jul 17, 5. Great post!

Product Title 3 in1 Wooden Chess Set & Checkers & Backgammon Set B Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $ $ 99 List List Price $ $ Wood - Wood is a traditional material for vintage chess sets. You can find antique wooden chess pieces or boards that use different types or come in stained colors. Bone - Many vintage chess sets use pieces and boards carved from bone. The bone takes on a patina as it ages. Fortunately, Jaques Staunton sets can be dated with an accuracy of years to years, depending on the period, by using a series of details on the styles of labels, boxes, and pieces. The dating and the evidence for it are given in detail in Jaques and British Chess Company Chess Sets by Alan Fersht, which can be bought from the author (e-mail).

That set from Amritsar Ivory Works looks great! Jul 17, 6. Excellent, thanks for posting. Jul 17, 7. Jul 17, 8. Jul 17, 9. FrankHelwig wrote: mirasma wrote: Did Jaques of London or its replicas produced anything 3.

Jul 17, HOS only produced the Cooke pieces in 3. Nice post.

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Irontiger wrote: Nice post. Jul 18, Just curious. NM TheOldReb. Log In or Join.

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Order by e-mail. I also used it as an opportunity to write up my growing interest in BCC sets and Jaques non-Staunton sets. Every statement is backed up with solid evidence.

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The goals are: 1 To provide a definitive analysis of Jaques Staunton sets, with the new evidence on dating. It has all of the content of the Collectors Guide, but it has been considerably upgraded and expanded with lots of new material, from the accurate dating of introduction of the different sizes of sets to the dating of Carton Pierre caskets, and I think a photo of every type of label produced, with dates and a record of the evidence behind every statement; 2 To provide a good account of BCC sets; 3 To start cataloguing Jaques non-Staunton sets, based on their Pattern Book and ads.

I have been able to identify positively many of their non-Staunton sets so that they can be authenticated. A limited edition of signed and numbered softback copies, 64 pages of full colour with more than photographs.

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