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While playing center field he sustained a serious head injury while chasing a fly ball. Just months later he took a ball to the head and sustained a concussion. Freel retired in but had sustained significant brain trauma. He committed suicide in by gunshot wound. Examiners determined that he had suffered from CTE due to his baseball injuries.

We talk only when it pertains to the kids, but sometimes he still sees me as his wife of 17 years and can be beligerent, and i can get beligerent back. He also wants to call me sometimes for advice.

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I didn't relaize it until my husband shared with me that these exchanges really bother him. He did not ask me to stop tlaking to him but i took the lead and told my ex no more convos unless it relates to the kids, that we are not married anymore and he can't just call me whenever he wants to chit chat or what not, and i also STOPPED sharing the volatile convos with my husband.

He doesn't need to hear it and i wouldn't want to hear it if he had an ex and did the same.

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