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I have been in and out of a few relationships and never had any regrets. All breakups were with mutual consent. I was closing in on 40 and that made things more complicated for me. But things changed for the better when one of my friends suggested me to check GaiGai , as he had found success there. My friend told me that I would not be disappointed with this dating site. I just thought it was all just a hype he was trying to express. Once I got through the sign-up process, I realized that it was not just any hype.

Most men prefer to date someone who has never been married before. They also prefer women who do not have kids from their previous marriage. So in this case, I advised her to attend more events, as her chances of meeting the right one might be higher. The men who approach her do not know her background, and by the time they find out, they already know her as a person, and might accept her for who she is. Now that you know the pros and cons of a dating agency, what do you think?

Do you think it's suitable for you? If you want to give it a try, Lunch Actually is the leading dating agency in Singapore! Their first consultation is free - so you can find out more about what they can do to help you, and decide afterwards! Click here to start! Read more. By submitting this form, you agree to the Agency Policy of Lunch Actually. Call us or WhatsApp at. Christina Thung.

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April 3, March 30, As most places are closed to prevent the spread of COVID, the idea of a date is just left at the back seat to burn.

This they ensure by having an initial interview process. I had to go through this interview where their representative interacted with me online in a face to face questionnaire. This was unique and seemed strange to me, but I soon got the reason behind it. It was due to this interview process that this site was so effective. This helps keep off non-serious, flirters off the site. Having a paid membership program further made GaiGai exclusive.

People who are here after having gone through the interview and having paid the membership fees, will be more serious about their partner search. This was a simple yet effective strategy by the dating site. And it is certainly the reason why they are so effective. Start Dating Eligible Singles! Hi, I have been in and out of a few relationships and never had any regrets. Submit review. Rating Details 10 rated reviews.

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View all criteria. Rating Details Privacy and Data Security. Diversity of Products or Services. Billing Practices. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Product or Service Quality.

Value for money. Customer service. Price Affordability. Additional Fees. Mailing Address:. Singapore, Singapore Lunch Actually Overview Lunch Actually was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 14, and since then this brand received 21 reviews.

View full Lunch Actually overview. Reviews 0. Show reviews that mention. Filter review. Jul 19, I sent out a mass invite to my exhibition and X turned up despite receiving the info only 12hrs in advance. I was pleasantly surprised. We have spoken and resolved the matter with you directly since you posted your feedback here, however we want to take this opportunity to address your concerns publicly, for transparency and the benefits of other readers as well. They are required to find matches for each client through our internal CRM system, which would restrict matching with non-compatible matches.

All of our dating consultants are trained to operate on holistic matching, as well as upholding high level of integrity and service quality. There is no point to lie because if we do, most of our clients would have come back to us unhappy, and this would create even more problems for us.

After hearing your feedback about your match, we investigated and found out that your match actually claimed that he was a non-smoker during his profiling session. Upon recognizing this mistake, we have assured you that we would not count this as a date and void the membership of the male client who has falsified his personal information. It is also true that male clients tend to go out on dates at a higher frequency. Most of our female members go out on dates monthly, or once every 2 months.

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Sometimes, due to their schedules or vacation plans, our members may request to go out on a date once per quarter. This is something that we do not control, and we always work closely with each client's preferred date frequency.

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This comes down to the earlier point we mentioned, that this will not be good for us because then we would receive more complaints from unhappy clients. This is not what we choose to do with our time. Our practice is to work with our members closely, and find matches for them based on their match requirements and compatibility. In any case, if a dating consultant is found to be lying to a customer, disciplinary actions will be taken.

We take this seriously and our dating consultants are trained to uphold a high level of integrity. When there is a lapse in our service delivery, we would first apologize and provide a full explanation to our clients, as well as do a thorough investigation on the matter.

Next, we may provide relevant compensations such as complimentary dates or coaching sessions when applicable. Last but not least, we may also provide refund options as per our refund policy. At first, we offered refund on your date package and also offered additional complimentary dates to turn your experience around.

You rejected our refund and chose to continue going out on dates with us. We continued to find compatible matches for you, and we're glad to know that you have had good dates experience and even have gone out for a second date with one of your matches : We thank you for your feedback and for putting your trust in Lunch Actually.

We appreciate you working with us to help you in your dating journey. If you need to reach us, we're always available at sgcupids lunchactually.

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Reason of review Poor customer service. Preferred solution Let the company propose a solution. Mar 12, PissedConsumer Helpful 0 Not helpful 0. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jul 17, Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 20, I totally agree.

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I signed up for a membership in and regret it deeply. Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 26, Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 23, Hi all, I signed for for the package without checking the reviews. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jan 12, The writer of the post is Annie Tan Just like the rest of the members who complained about Lunch Actually bad services, she was not offered any form of compensation LA told her they will take legal action against her if she does not remove the post that she originally wrote at lunchactuallyreviewsg.

Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 06, PissedConsumer wah Lunch Actually scam people's money still want to silence unhappy customers with law suits. Anonymous PissedConsumer Dec 17, A female friend who is 30 years old join LA.

LA cheat her by matching her with a 50 year old divorcee with kids When she call LA to complain, LA just keep tell her he is a nice guy.

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So ppl, be warned - do not join Lunch Actually. Anonymous PissedConsumer Dec 07, LA gives free membership to bloggers to write good reviews on them This is a lousy despicable way to earn money and to cover up all the bad reviews about them online. Anonymous PissedConsumer Dec 06, My female friend who is single join lunch actually.

She got matched to a 50 years old guy who is a divorcee with 2 kids. When she call lunch actually to complain they just keep telling her that he is a nice guy and to accept him So people be warned do not join lunch actually. Anonymous PissedConsumer Dec 02, Anonymous PissedConsumer May 25, PissedConsumer You seem like a very interesting person! Anonymous PissedConsumer Dec 01, This company reeks. They are trying to sell Love and attach a big price tag to it.

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Anonymous PissedConsumer Nov 27, There are more than 10 sdn accredited dating agenciesin singapore. Don't take the risk to join LA. Just join other dating agencies. Anonymous PissedConsumer Nov 20, Be careful of the methods that Lunch Actually uses to make money - When you join their events, sign up a free account at LunchClick or Esynrochology, Lunch Actually will have your number number.

They will than call you ask you to go down for their free consultation to make you sign up their expensive package - Lunch Actually will email or call you say got free coaching. When you go down for the free coaching, Lunch Actually will than try to pester you to sign up for their expensive coaching package In short - avoid anything to do with Lunch Actually do not even join their events so that you do not fall victim to this scam.

Anonymous PissedConsumer Nov 14, Currently dating a guy which LA had matched up. Just found out that he smokes. I am pretty sure that I had put I did not want smokers in LA questionaire. Now am in a dilemma. Anonymous PissedConsumer Nov 17, Thanks for the review about them. Anonymous PissedConsumer May 16, Request for refunds never come. This is a huge fraud company. Police please investigate and to avoid people getting scammed.

Thank you. Anonymous PissedConsumer May 02, Luckily, warning.

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Anonymous PissedConsumer Mar 16, Hi, Did u manage to get your refund back? Anonymous PissedConsumer Mar 10, Anonymous PissedConsumer Oct 04, Dear Admin, My issue with the above company is resolved. Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 09, Issue resolved with company.

Kindly remove the post. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jun 20, PissedConsumer That's really convenient, Lol. View more comments Jun 12 PissedConsumer of Singapore, Singapore. Lunch Actually - Not worth it.

Rating Details Additional Fees. Privacy and Data Security. When my consultant Geraleine Yap became not happy to serve me, she just threw a random profile to me. Till today, I receive no satisfactory answer on why she did that. My definition of personality trait like matured can be very different from theirs.

When I raised my concern on certain cts of the potential matchs profile, they Rose Wan will still try to convince you to just accept it which to me, is disgusting. It looks like they Janice Chen are just out for your money only. Please save your heartache and dont sign up with them. View full review. Comment Helpful 0 Not helpful 0.

Cons Regretful Lies Quality of service. Preferred solution Full refund. Share Share Tweet.

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Jan 20 PissedConsumer of Singapore, Singapore. Lunch Actually - Do not join this match making agency. Rating Details Customer service. Comment Helpful 1 Not helpful 0. Service Lunch Actually Matchmaking Service.

Dec 11,   Established since , Lunch Actually is the first and the largest premier dating company in fatgirlnmotion.com provides premium matchmaking services for professionals in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Lunch Actually offers a personal touch with manual matchmaking and profile verification done face to face.4/5. GaiGai Reviews- Most Trusted Singapore Dating Site GaiGai is the new offline dating agency in Singapore that is wholly owned by Paktor. We provide modern matching services which are focused on casual settings, great company. Start Dating Eligible Singles!

Cons Regretful Value for money Misleading promises to clients. Jan 16 Merritt of Singapore, Singapore. Lunch Actually - No words can describe them. Utterly disappointed with the service provided.

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Whenever I called, the person in charge is always busy and never called back. Worst still, email sent out also seemed like being ignored. What kind of organisation is this? Queen of all scams. Sweet talker but a bad Grace Grace Jul 06 Reply 0 0.

Cons Quality of service Value for money Misleading promises to clients. Jan 13 Ka of Central, Hong Kong. Pls read it before you join Lunch Actually. Keep changing the contact person due to the resignation of staffs. In 2 years, my contact person changes several times - consultant, matching team, Branch manager, senior relationship manager, assistant manager, 2.

After I joined LA, I have sent back my profile to the Comment Helpful 2 Not helpful 0.

View more comments. Cons Value for money Regretful Quality of service. Preferred solution Price reduction.

As a well-known dating agency in Singapore, GaiGai offers an extensive database of quality singles, experienced dating practitioners, efficient matchmaking technology and a dedicated events team. GaiGai has been awarded SDNTrust Mark, which sets the benchmark for dating agencies and practitioners to attain high standards of professionalism and. Oct 19,   Why You Should Join a Dating Agency in Singapore (The Pros) One key difference between dating agencies and online dating sites is the gender balance ratio. Men tend to use online dating sites, while more women prefer using dating agencies. Jun 07,   Singapore dating agencies are becoming a popular option for singles, because single men and women in busy and successful careers prefer to utilise their time more wisely, and having professionals help them find suitable dates is one of the ways they do so. Professional help definitely makes the Singapore dating scene seem less daunting.

Dec 26, Georgiann of Jakarta, Indonesia. Lunch Actually - Please come with friend to LA. I came to LA office at Dec 19' I met Miss Tata.

She was very nice. After initial consultation, she offered packages.

As the leading dating agency in Singapore, we are serious about finding you a perfect match. We provide speed dating events and personalized matching services. Dating Moments (DM), "The Modern-Day Matchmaker" is Singapore's most trusted professional dating agency, accredited by the Social Development Network (SDN), governed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Singapore. We endeavour to support all our DM members in finding their special someone out there. Lunch Actually Singapore Dating Agency Is A Scam LATEST ATE - 1st Aug We're glad to continue working with you and after factoring your past date-feedback, we were able to find more compatible matches for you/5(9).

I took the VIP. Then she rushed me to made Pros Web page look. Cons Lack of communication with clients Regretful Value for money. Reason of review Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy. Pissed Consumer Your trust is our top priority. Sep 30, Lunch Actually - Fee is too expensive. Hi, Thank you for leaving your feedback here and we regret to hear about your experience.

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At Lunch Actually, we do not have a fixed package, because every single is different. We always meet up with the potential client to find out their profile and their preferences, before recommending a suitable package. We take into account the single's age, preferences, and expectations.

In the case where they may have a more challenging profile and preferences, we may propose premium packages which includes personal consultant, priority matching and sourcing outside of Lunch Actually database to give us more options to find them compatible matches. Our clients' satisfaction is very important and we take every feedback seriously. If you have further queries, please don't hesitate to email me at rosewan lunchactually.

Best, Rose - Country Head. Sep 14, PissedConsumer Sep 03, Lunch Actually - 3 days cooling down is a lie? Hi Chintiya, Thank you for your review of Lunch Actually. We regret to hear about your experience and we take every feedback seriously. In regards to your case, I understand that our consultant has reached out to you personally.

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We acknowledge that there was a mistake in our part to hand over the Singapore's document instead of Indonesia's. As already communicated to you, we would be doing a refund for you and it's already in process.

Once again, we apologize for this error and we're committed to make things right. If you have further feedback, please do not hesitate to email us at customercare lunchactually. Pros Office design. Cons Lack of communication with clients Misleading promises to clients Terrible customer service. Aug 26, sasa. Honestly, this makes me lose trust in Lunch Actually. May 27, PissedConsumer of Singapore, Singapore. Lunch Actually - Scam is absolutely correct! I think all those poor people who got cheated by this company should gang up and sue them for compensation!

They said they can find me a date. After tons and tons of complains and yelling and scoldings, they find me a second date, which was a year later.

Dating agency reviews singapore

Now I'm coming to the third year and they haven't even found me the third date. So, I suspect they just keep you on their membership so they can boost to unsuspecting customers that they have a large membership base.

I hope our cries and pleas are heard by people so they don't sign up for such a scam. Comment Helpful 9 Not helpful 0. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jan 20 Apr 30, Lunch actually is a company that scams. Dear Chloe, Thank you for leaving your feedback and we sincerely regret to hear about this. We do encourage our clients to have more flexible preferences in the areas where they can be flexible - so that we can potentially match them with more compatible singles.

But of course this has to be something that the client is comfortable with.

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We understand that you were fine with these preferences - therefore we went ahead with these. Our clients can always contact us if they wish to change their preferences, and we will be changing them accordingly. Since we match clients based on multiple factors, not just basic preferences - but also values and goals; and lastly, the availability of both parties.

It may take longer for some clients to be matched - however our dating consultants are continuously looking; as every day we have new clients joining our database. All the testimonials you saw online were real - these are photos and reviews from our clients, and it wouldn't be in our best interest to cheat because then the real people in the photos may come across them and complain. This wouldn't make sense.

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