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Scorpio rising is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics. If you are born with Scorpio rising, you are likely to have a real combative nature and love setting the bar high. You are an inspirational person and have many great ideas that help you stand out from the crowd. Scorpio ascendant people will never be held back for too long and have a talent for remaining positive despite the setbacks they face. Sensual and mysterious are the best adjectives to describe Scorpio rising in love.

For a Scorpio rising, love is forever.

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Sex is a transcendental experience and there is enormous potential for sexual gratification with this sign. However, if this sign is betrayed, the sting could be torturous.

The influence of Scorpio rising in love: Sensual and mysterious are the best adjectives to describe Scorpio rising in love. These folks love to seduce, but often move at a faster pace than their. It can be hard to let others in, and some Scorpio risings wall themselves off, to the point of being lonely. But with this rising sign, you also intensely need others, and you need to go deep with them, to the point of soul merging. It's important for you to have close friends and special someones who are in it with you for the long haul.

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Scorpio Rising - Your First Impression

Scorpio Rising - Ascendant Scorpio. Sun Sign Taurus with Scorpio Rising.

Sun Sign Gemini with Scorpio Rising. Sun Sign Cancer with Scorpio Rising. Sun Sign Scorpio with Scorpio Rising.

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Sun Sign Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising. However, if they want happiness, they should just sit back and love life because Scorpio rising can have a passion that intimidates everyone. If there is for them to be pleased, everything needs to be settled and working according to their plans.

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Never impatient and all the time constant or reliable, they rule themselves more after their intuition and feelings. Scorpio ascendant people should do their best to fight their dark side because it can be very destructive. It usually resides deep inside of them, manifesting itself as envy, thirst for power and jealousy.

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However, when these natives will show what they hide deep inside their heart, they can scare their lovers and even lead the relationships to break up. These people stay under a strong protective shell and rarely share their feelings, which can create distance between them and their other half.

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But for this to happen, they need to be with someone reliable and conservative, a person who will offer them a comfortable life while making sure their hopes and dreams are being fulfilled. Never wanting to seem weak, Scorpio rising will show only their determined and strong side.

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Bold and daring, these people want fame and money because these can make them happy. The same planet makes them want power, to be challenged and to have clear objectives, also giving them their mysterious air.

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You can be sure their most beautiful traits are reflected by the House in which Pluto resides in their birth chart. This astral body is also about having the strength to go over any difficulty.

I dated a scorpio rising once. He was pretty needy imo. ^ my guy wasn't that possessive or jealous (thank god lol) but still, didn't like the fact he kinda couldn't give me space to breathe. He reminds me an other ex who had a scorpio mars. HE was clingy too! Must be a water thing haha. IP: Logged. Starry* Knowflake. Posts: From: New York, USA. Scorpio ascendant don't tolerate bullsh** at all. Scorpio risings tend to judge others by whether or not they are lazy, hedonistic, if they are trash talkers, non-serious people annoy them. If you are very diligent and pay attention to the emotional undertones, you . Nov 09,   Because she's a Scorpio rising, she will have a thirst for power that will make her even more attractive. Having a lot of passion and keeping her mysterious air, she would become very doubtful of her partner if he would seem in any way suspicious.

Because it influences Scorpio rising together with Mars, it gives these natives a need for a Venus presence, which is usually kind, gentle and beautiful. Any fighter like the Scorpio ascendant would require Venus natives to be around them.

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Their face is usually sharp and their skin a little bit oily. When looking at a person, they seem to promise the Moon and to reveal their mystery or passion.

Everything about the way the look inspires power and danger, not at all weakness.

Your Scorpio Ascendant (or Rising Sign) reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you. As such, it describes the ways in which we project ourselves out into the environment as well as the kinds of experiences we need to have in order to make life meaningful. For a Scorpio rising, love is forever. Sex is a transcendental experience and there is enormous potential for sexual gratification with this sign. However, if this sign is betrayed, the sting could be torturous. Sun Sign Aries with Scorpio Rising. Nov 09,   Scorpio rising have even higher demands from their partner than the natives with their Sun in Scorpio. Also passionate and intense when it comes to emotions, their close ones need a lot of energy in order to make them happy.

Usually slim and emanating a strong sexual air, people will be immediately attracted by them. As said before, their muscles are lean, so their athletic buildup will have them look good even when not exercising.

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The Scorpio rising woman is flexible and very good at dancing or doing yoga. Because the natives of this birth chart have a Water sign as their ascendant, they will move like waves.

Dating a scorpio rising

Mars is the one that makes them competitive when it comes to physical challenges. The Scorpio rising man wants to change all the time.

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He has many ambitions, is a little bit cold but very mysterious and strong.

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