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We have to feel the world in order to express it in our art.

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Which means we tend to be swinging pendulums of emotion. I believe that everyone has the potential to feel the extremes in daily life. They prefer to remain even-keel, staying consistently content.

Feb 09,   Creative people see the world differently than most. At the same time, creative people are willing to share what they see and how they interpret it with the rest of the world. Dating a creative person means being surprised by their creativity and sense of wonder all the time. They know you cant beat that level at this. but try not to be so boring and typical. Dating a creative person is an experience you won't forget. These 15 reasons will have you convinced that you need a creative person in your life. Creative people are innovative and passionate. When it comes to relationships, they know how to infuse their passion into the person they've chosen to be with. Whether they are writers, artists, musicians, or otherwise, these people know how to bring their .

If they did, their work would be devoid of emotion. Flat, stagnant, and thoroughly muggle.

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In order to feel the gamut, we allow ourselves to feel the strength of our emotions. We let that beautiful sunset inspire wild joy, let the dead raccoon on the side of the road bring us to tears.

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We see the stories that surround us and absorb all the emotions associated: the little old woman buying groceries alone; the man on the corner with a beer at 10 AM; the 4-year-old with a balloon that says Congratulations!.

We like our swinging emotions, we like the strength of our experiences.

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But we also like the fact that you can be our anchor, you can be what keeps us sane when the world is too much to bear. Artists tend to build up emotional walls. They are there for protection.

Jul 24,   When it comes to loving and dating creative people, the reality usually lives up to the expectation - for better or for worse. We creative people (whether that means someone who is . Dating creative people requires some special skills and here are a few tips to get it right. Hang out where they do If you wish to date creative people, first of all you have to know where to find them. Unlike the ordinary kind, creative people will rarely be interested in . 5 Reasons Dating A Creative Person Should Scare You 1. Our intensity knows no bounds. Intensity is part of the job description. You can't be artistic or creative without 2. We feel everything that much stronger. Again, it's our work. It's our lives. We have to feel the world in order to 3.

Years of being rejected and scaring people away have taught us how to put on the facade of being calm and quiet and just like everyone else. However, those walls are holding back a tidal wave.

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You hold in your hands something breakable and precious, a person who will love you the way they love their favorite art. That should scare you.

Jordan Peterson: What low-status highly creative men need

Remember what I said about being an anchor? Well, it goes beyond that. Creative people can appear to have huge egos.

May 13,   10 Things To Know About Dating A Creative Person, Because They'll Probably Borrow Your Napkin To Use As A Notebook 1. You can count on them to help you with, eh, creative things. Whether you need to think of a clever gift for someone 2. Author: Natalia Lusinski.

We have to have the confidence to present our work to the world. Can you imagine how hard it is to say here, read this thing I wrote.

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Look at this art I created. Listen to this music I made.

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But that that assurance in ourselves is a deception. All you have to do is look at the alcoholism and depression that is rampant in artistic populations.

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We put on the face, we try our best, but in reality our egos are volatile wild things, apt to abandon us at the slightest sign of rejection. Your creative partner will hopefully trust you enough to show you the roller-coaster of doubt they experience every day.

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We might seem stable and steady when you first meet us, but in reality we are a hurricane of doubt, fear, love, confidence, and mad imagination. The final warning I would give about dating a creative person is how well they can read you.

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We absorb the feelings of the world around us; the dark clouds hanging over certain people, the inner light radiating out of others. We see it, feel it, and try to express it in our work.

Made by Professional Creatives. Creatives Dating for professional creatives.

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Find love and friendship with like-minded creatives. Make friends with other industry professionals in a safe and friendly environment.

Mar 30,   17 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Creative Type. She has ideas! So many ideas! By Amanda Devereux. Mar 30, She can see things from other people's point of view. In the short time that "Creatives Dating" has launched, it has already proved to be a valuable source of networking for its members. Being able to use the site on a platonic basis is unique & has opened up a whole new branch of social media. As a creative person, you want to meet someone who is on the same wavelength as you are. Someone who shares the same beliefs, interests, and passions. However, not all dating sites prioritize the safety of their members. When it comes to safety and security there are 2 reputable sites that make sure to put their members safety first.

Share your projects and your thoughts with your fellow creatives. Multi-media facilities for members to promote their projects. Increase your network.

Dating a creative person

In the short time that "Creatives Dating" has launched, it has already proved to be a valuable source of networking for its members. I travel a lot with my work, and so my time is precious. I like that the site is secure and the people I meet on it understand my world.

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I have also promoted some of my work via the site's media stream! What a unique creative site - I love it! Choreographer - Vicki Stitt.

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Meet people who understand you.

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