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Ever since YouTube became a legitimate global platform for creative expression with financial benefits, it has become the home of several creative talents who have turned to the video platform to showcase their talents to the world. Amidst the plethora of creatives who have joined are some unusual personalities, including the YouTuber known as Cryaotic. Although he has been on the platform for over a decade, Cryaotic has never revealed his identity to his fans or the public as a whole. Despite this anonymity, the young fellow, who is also known as ChaoticMonki, has established himself as one of the leading names on the platform. He now boasts of 2. There are various variations of his online name, from Cryaotic to Cry to ChaoticMonki, but there is still a dearth of information when it comes to his real name.

He has worked with other popular gamers and streamers such as Draxr, Snake and Scott Jund. Finally posted the next page.

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In addition to his YouTube revenue and his sponsorship deals, Cryaotic also sells his own merchandise, such as customized t-shirts, mugs, stickers and hats. Cryaotic created his YouTube channel on 14 th March Since then, he has garnered more than 2. His Twitch account currently has more thanfollowers, and he also has an account on Twitterwhich has nearlyfollowers.

Cryaotic dating

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Contents 1 Who is Cryaotic? View this post on Instagram.

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Write A Comment Cancel Reply. Cryaotic began his YouTube career when he created his account for ChaoticMonki on the 14th of March He has dabbled in different genres of video games; from horror to adventure, and even flash games.

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He has a playlist on his YouTube channel called Cry Reads where he reads different creepypastas on the internet. His popularity is so big that he has over 2 million subscribers on his channel.

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The two of them reached out to each other, and from there a friendship was formed. Because of the camaraderie between the two gamers, their relationship has been nicknamed PewDieCry. Cryaotic is very identifiable thanks to his voice.

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Fans worldwide have commented on how captivating his voice is, and it has made several of them even more curious about what the man behind the voice looks like. The enigma surrounding his identity is so great, female fans from all over the globe constantly beg him to reveal himself because they find his voice so attractive.

A glance at the above details will reveal that Cryaotic only likes disclosing unimportant titbits about his life.

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He, however, shies away from revealing deep stuff such as his real name or educational history. This is understandably due to safety concerns and the need to protect himself from the unknowns that exist out there. Cryaotic has even hinted that he has anxiety issues due to his fears that someone may still recognize him from his famous voice despite all the precautions he has taken.

Nobody said anyhing but her "Guys, they are watching US, not you" like stupidly rude and not true, we watch Cryaotic, not you xdd. level 2. Comment deleted by user 4 years ago More than 1 child. Cryaotic is dating another gamer, Twitch user Cheyenne Avila. She was born on the 7th of December, in Las Vegas, Nevada. From what we can gather, the relationship began when he was 21 and she was Even though it started out as an adult and a minor dating, that didn't get . Jun 09, á According to available information, they started dating when she was 16 years of age and He was 21, which means their relationship began in

Cryaotic first joined YouTube on the 14th of March, and uploaded his first video on the same day. At that time, he was a high school student and only took to the internet to pass time.

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His content, however, proved to be quite popular with members of the YouTube gaming community and as such, that part-time hobby turned to a full time, money-spinning, occupation. Today, due to his distinctive voice and video contents, like the reading of short stories like his Cry Reads series or commentary on video games, Cryaotic has built a huge fan base and his popularity now cuts across the internet as a whole. He is also a cat lover and an all-around animal lover.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more. Jan 15, á Cryaotic is a year-old American YouTuber from St. Augustine, Florida. He was born on Sunday, June 11, Is Cryaotic married or single, who is he dating now and previously? As of , Cryaotic is dating Cheyenne fatgirlnmotion.comality: American. Jun 03, á Cheyenne Avila dated Ryan Terry known as Cryaotic or ChaoticMonki. But they are no longer together. Ryan confirmed himself as a pansexual. Cheyenne and Ryan met each other when she was 16 and he was

He now has over 2. He also heads up a gang of collaborators known as the Late Night Crew.

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The stream is filled with gameplay and interspersed with hilarious commentary and animated conversations, and has essentially morphed into a variety show. Apart from YouTube, Cryaotic also has an impressive presence on other social media platforms like Twitter CryWasTaken,, Twitch where he has aboutfollowers and the music platform, Soundcloud.

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Seeing as Cryaotic has an aversion to having his personal information out in the public, there is a large number of missing gaps in his relationship history. However, that is not to say that we know nothing about this particular ct of his life.

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The YouTuber was previously in a relationship with a girl named Cheyenne Avila. Cheyenne is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, and was born in She is also an online gamer and has a Twitch account where she streams and shares video games.

Answer: It's an evolving situation but it seems that Cryaotic has admitted to using his celebrity status to make contact with underage fans and was basically grooming them to be future sexual partners. Oct 19, á There was never a whole lot of drama revolving around Cry until he started dating his newest girlfriend, Cheyenne Avila. It all started with heartbroken fangirls being upset that their sempai had a girlfriend and then things went to shit pretty fast. First, there is the drama about their age gap.

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