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The root of unfaithfulness in marriage has absolutely nothing to do with who we are married to. It has to do with who we are as people. Sometimes a person will commit adultery even when they know it is wrong. It is a lifestyle thing. Monkey see, monkey do.

Imaging you and your wife live with her young sister or relative whose about 16 shes beautiful, short skurt, tight shirt, big ass, I mean what would you do? It seems to me you dont want to listern to any advice. You better of having having one quality night with your husband in a year than making love without kissing. There must be a reason your husband is running away. We men meet a lot of sexy women whereever we go so married women should pull your socks in as far as looks are concerned.

There is nothing as good as sharing a bed with a fresh smelling woman so take a shower before sleeping and smell good. Sex is an art.

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Be willing to learn new positions that make your man stimulated. Dont insist on the ordinary ways. It becomes boring.

Wear Sexually enticing clothing like lingerie and g-strings, tight fitting and transparent dresses atleast indoors. MBA is preoccupied with competing with the hubby and no matter what the hubby tries she is already at speed 33 she has completely switched off, she needs to rejuvinate herself, sit herself down and work top -down from the adulterer affair she is having and bring in the experience she has gained and share with the hubby.

I dont believe the hubby is at fault,MBA must be at fault, men are not difficult to tame, good meals,smart appearance not ifikwesa fyalilepuka napakatia nice cologne, lovely smiles, responsiveness and above all calmness.

You should not always be yelling at kids all the time, love is so broad and different men appreciate it in different ways. Stop flirting with that shoulder,you are wasting his resources sperms which are meant for the dear wife.

Ushumfwa patunono. In the same vein married men should also know that their wives meet sexy men everyday and here are some tips for you to keep your wives. Be romantic,write her love notes,tell her you love her and tell her how beautifil she is and how much you appreciate her. Ati ifikwesa fyalilepuka napakati. I tell you these wives take us for granted. Some even wear bombasa bemuda can you imagine.

With ichilusokoshi kumutwe when sleeping. Teti walota. As for lingeries ba pelete, you are the only man I have heard who doesnt like them. A friend of mine confessed that he cant make love to a woman who is not in g-strings. He would rather rush to the nearest botique and buy her a g-string before they continue. As for a naked body being more appetising, well it depends on the woman. Some of these shapes look nice in cloths but when they strip you can run away.

But tell me what six pack has Mpondela got, to keep being followed by all those married man. Ba disire muli ba bufi. The fact that you recognise that the sister to your wife or the servent has a beautiful face, cone shape and big ass is reason enough to tell us that you plot evil on them. Poor girls. They dont know there is lion near pretending to be a sheep.

Elyo mili ba bufi sana bamudala. Am sure you are a zima ndola. How can you notice a big ass and a cone shape on a sister. It doesnt tie up. Iye utu baiche. Am sure you even encourage your wife to bring in as many as she can so that you back, relax and enyoy yourself.

You already know I love you. Why should I write you notes. Its easy, if I dont love you, you wouldnt be here. You are my wife therefore you are beautiful, if you werent you wouldnt be my wife. So I see no reason why I should remind you on how beautiful you are. Moreover its makes you big headed. We men are bread winners. We have no time to waste. That is why a quick one is always the case. Moreover why delay the inevitable.

Whispering sweet nothings? After lifting all those heavy thighs dont u think we deserve some rest. Tell them easyE 94 didnt say sister i meant wifes sister thats different I dont know which planet Desire 89 comes from Bwalya mwaiche you are too complicated okey EasyE is right, to summerise all this I think all you need is to spend more time with your wife. Just kidding bwalya, You know we love you and we will try our best to adhere to the tips you have given us.

Where we fail am sure we can do better next time. Tell us about what we need to do for you women to fell appreciated, otherwise we cant know, we are not women remember. So we depend on you telling us where we go wrong.

That is why we expect you to submitt when we tell you we want to try that position where you do like you are chaniging the bulb. MBA communicate with your man in bed, tell him where you want to touched and at what speed you want him to be moving. Love making should not be a sacrid and solemn moment. And for you Bwalya,all your suggestions are mills and booms based,where there is love things just flow dont work like you are a in a board room with steps to follow otherwise that dellusion. EasyE as for lingerie I do appreciate them but they are not so much of a spice,dont concetrate on them so much put empahasis on the curves and firmness of the flesh.

MBA where are you? Go back to your bedroom. You are the ones creating people like MBA. As for easy e ha ha ha you are really funny. I like 6. Those heavy thighs come from those pills we take.

Bwalya the problem with you is that you want to argue, you see. If I trusted my wife I wouldnt be bothering writing this stuff at the moment, you see I respect my Bemba wife but in 91 I tried all those rules and even others before. Afterwards she will know you were faking afterall after sex everyday you cant keep whespering sweat things in her ear you know. I just eat, sex the go to bed she knows the deal, I dont think shes going to believe I have changed, she will think its just something temporaty.

Bemba women are too smart. So joint effort is required. All those a movie dreams and they cannot be practical. Just enjoy sex spontaneously and things will be said along the way not waiting at the end of the game. Pasopo Bwalya. We are tired of your hopeles,senseless comfrontations. Be responsible and have self respect,then you ill learn to respect others.

This is an open flow,i can comment on what i have experienced, and there is no point for me to cheat. And correct you am not a Ndola fellow,you are just insulting people who live in Ndola. So my dear friend am warning you,if you want to go on participating on this blog refrain from your harsh comfrontations. Due to self respect i have reserved my hard side,but if you persist am raedy to face you on war of words.

Every time you comment you let the world look into your mind. Lastly,put your true identity,you are trying to be EasyE wanna be.

He is an American and his behaviour is by far from the way you are trying to emulate him. You are very far from being Easy E. Am sure if he heard to day that there is a ka person from Zambia claiming to be him,he can commit suicide. Desire, If you cant stand criticism then this is no place for you. This is no place for the faint hearted like you.

This is a place for mature, thick skinned people who stand stinging criticism. I am actually very suprised that you take offense of my reponse to you. I expected the exact opposite. I expected you to laugh and respond positevely. If you dont appreciate humor there is nothing I can do to help you. If you missed your English lesson on expressive writting, take this as an opportunity to make up. In the same vain, When I said you are a zima ndola, I didnt mean you come from Ndola, I meant you are clever because people.

Moreover even if I meant that you come from ndola, what will be wrong with that. Ndola is a nice town that only you has a problem being associated with it. My workmates sometimes call me a zima ndola because I come from the copperbelt and its something we laugh about. Learn this now and come for your certificate later. There is nothing like a correct and wrong contribution to this blog. And as you said I would like to agree with you, this is a free flow blog.

Can you honestly tell me what was so offensive about my response to you? Learn to read articles in perspective and context rather than taking the literal meaning of words and reading responses in isolation.

I can assure you that if this is your style of reading, it wont be long before you sue someone for character assasination. I simply challanged you to tell us how possible it is that you can notice a cone shape, cute face and big ass on someone you consider as sister.

It doesnt hold water. And when I said you plot evil on these girls, that was just an expressive way of saying you admire them. And you want to threaten me for a war of words. Am not afraid of text like you son. I dont have qualms taking you head on.

MBA is not here anymore. Lets be honest people from copperbelt are not smarter than us from Lusaka, maybe the women, but guys are Dum.

How do you explain yourself? Would a street vendor waste his money on the internet, would he even go to the internet? AM OUT. Street Vendors Because they are honourable members of our society. Your attitude towards the above listed groups of people attests to this fact. Come on people, I thought there were only adults on this site? Please stick to the topic at hand and take your egoistic fights else where.

You are the people who make us believe that men never really mature. Grow up. Desire, I want this to be my last response to you and then we move on. Forget my email address, its not neccessary. My advice to you is, and I repeat, dont take the literal meaning of words otherwise you will misinterprate what someone is trying to say. Have you heard of Idioms and irony speech. I can speak ironically and say that the ground is so wet to mean that its so dry.

When I said you are eeeevilll I was just trying to emphasise the point that you are too clever. Am sorry if this eluded you. Its only I expected that most people who have access to this blog could read thru the lines. The only people that dont family problems in this world are Indians and Villagers, The indian can marry his wife for over 40 years without cheating, I wish i was Indian.

Although I wouldnt want to be called Chi Mwenye. Sometimes I wonder where the pride and self-respect women had for them selves has gone to. You heard! The zambian national team that perished in gabon consisted of most players from the CB. Amnesia yatampa? Namufulungana na ma ba Desire. Born rich i dont just sit on the blog to make contributions.

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I dosent matter where iam but definately am not as stupid as you sound, just spending your entire day reading the blog. I also dont go round looking for men. Iam not embarrassed to say i have a husband who does not satify me and a boyfriend who fills up the gap.

If i was a prostitute i was going to hook any man i want. If your brother is dull in bed and i get the pleasures somewhere Im to blame? MBA I feel you. I would like to bring out something that maybe many of us have taken forgranted on this blog. There are people who genuinely come to this blog seeking solutions to the problems that they are currently experiencing in their marriages or relationships.

Naturally I find solace in people like MBA, Rose and Kasonde who will call a spade a spade and not a big spoon than those full of theories and pretence. As for us meeting in person I would have reservations because I think doing so will spoil the fun. MBA I would like to meet you in person, give me your details. Your experience will help me write a book for others because I enjoy writing. I hate the word concur coz it does tell people what you are agreeing with. But in this situation i beg to use the word concur.

I agree with Easy E i believe the blog should be used to express feelings and peopls should respect other peoples feeling and advice positively where neccesary. Why should people attack MBA. The problem with us Zambians is that we are never real. There used to be a time I would look at an infidel and say they are the worst sinner, but not any more. You see, there are a number of reasons why people cheat in marriage but let me speak about men. I know other men would dispute this but most men either have cheated on their wife or came close to doing so.

There are men who are naturally players and show no remorse towards cheating. These are not my concern at the moment. I want to talk about those who start on a very good note but later start cheating on their wives. A typical senario: A man comes home from work tired and stressed looking forward to a good rest. Now a good rest does not just mean a nap, it also means, and most importantly an environment where there is peace and tranquility.

Now, women fail to provide us with this environment and instead start talking and talking. Asking about this and that, complaining, mention them. I will go and visit a friend because atleast my friend will give me the peace am looking for. To cut the cackle, this is how I will end up meeting this girl and maybe a relationship starts.

Mostly its just for that moment but of course this girl is also human. You cannot just get her when you need her and dump her when you dont. In short what am saying is, women need to be more sensitive to our needs as men. We are very simple beings and its very easy to satisfy us. Give us peace when we need peace, talk when we need to talk. Their is nothing as irritating as a talkative woman when you are so tired and need peace.

You see women use the part of the brain where the speech centres are located. Its a learning curve and its unfortunate if a spouse ends up cheating before their partner learns this truth.

It Is Her Husband who has a problem! She is therefore not seeking any solutions here. She is here to convince all the men on this blog that their wives are also cheating on them just as she is cheating on her husband.

MBA I may sound like i am condemning you. That is not my intention because we all fail at one time ore another. Forexample, You say that you cheat on your husband because he does not satisfy you therefore you have gotten yourself a boyfriend who fills the gap.

But it seems that you now want to start cheating this boyfriend of yours who satisfies you!! Why Do i say so? See comment 71 and your comments in You are free to do so but i thought you are now satisfied becoz of your boyfriend?

Just how many men are you going to start up something with? MBA, i am not asking you to be truthful to everyone, but atleast be truthful to yourselve.

Something is not right with you. How long are you going to be Married But Available, and to how many men? Divorce your husband, marry your boyfriend and get settled in your own home where you will be proud with your own man. You will be doing yourselve a big favour that way. The choice is yours my dear.

Both of them are advocating for solutions outside the isntitution of marriage. I will no condemn MBA much because I think she has received her fair share of condemnation already. If God wanted wives and husbands to be so similar that they both keep quite at the same time, he would have created us all to be homosexuals.

But we complement each other as men and women. So its not just a matter of a man wanting peace; what of a woman wanting someone to talk to? Ever heard of compromising? And since when did a man looking for peace go looking for a girlfriend? What type of peace are you after ninshi? Becoz even yo girlfriend will want to talk, not just to be climned on. Nachimbusa, you women dont know compromise. And to you comprise means listening to you talk, talk, talk. There are certain times that talking wont do us any good but just frustrate me further.

I come from work very tired, stressed and maybe even frustrated and all you want is talk? Honestly is this a time to talk? This is no time for talk. This a time for me to recollect put my mind off work and get into home gear. And when a computer is rebooting you dont talk communicate with it. You have to wait for it to finish rebooting.

As a matter of fact, I hate nagging so much that I wouldnt mind my wife going out to find someone to talk to if thats what it takes for me to enyoy some peace and quite. Oh please someone out there protect me from these nagging women.

Cheaters dating zambia

I tried to run away but I have even found them on this blog. The one that is done on the Internet is call e-nagging electronic nagging. Computers have really penetrated our world.

Even the world of nagging!! The kind of women who would wake up early in the morning, clean the house and prepare the husband breakfast and warm him water to bath.

Women who respected their husbands and their marriages so much so that they would even lie by saying they fell when they were actually beaten. And you want me to love you? Spend time with you at home? What is there to love? What is there to stay home for. Instead we get these gold-digging tramps who show up on our door-steps when our magrims start spinning. Jesus save us! Oh so sorry that you guys were born in the wrong generation.

If only you were born 30 years earlier when the women with the qualities you are looking for lived. However they still taught their daughters to clean,cook and care for their family. The men with vision. The men who are busy striving to attain financial freedom instead of wasting time and money in bars. Where are the men of integrity,the men with sober habits who are not going to bring home the dreaded virus and kill their wives and new born baby with AIDS.

Men are selfish for the most part. But so are women!! I think women are the worst in my opinion. Someone once told me if you really love a girl ask yourself one question, Are you ready to be financially destroyed by her?

It doesnt matter whether you have a phd, dhp or hpd, in my house you are my wife and as my wife I expect you to do as the wives do. That phd you got in economics is meant to help you cook for me better and quicker, help you calculate what time you should wake up to warm me water and the like.

Its not a weapon you should use against me. That time we spend in bars is not wasted. We call it socialising and we socialise after we have made a little extra out of our hard work. And you want men of vision, we are here.

And you want men of vision, we are here its only you cant see us because you are so preoccupied with the never making sense gender equality.

In the year you are content with paying rent? I want my own house. Even my granfather had his own hut why should I be staying in a rented house?

You surely are wasting time in the bar. Take of your shirt and start building your own house. I thought you would be proud of your wifes academic achievements.

They are not a weapon only to help you put more food on the table! But guess what else am still doing? Am still helping your relatives with their never ending problems. Am still hoping that one day you will become financially independent so I could redirect my enegies to building you a house.

But since that is not fourth coming am forced to still pay rent so you can have somewhere to sleep. And now you compare me to your grandpa,yes he had a hut but its because to build it, he didnt buy any building materials. He used free soil for cement, he used trees he cut for pillars for free, he cut grass for free for the roof and he was done.

Besides, behind his success was the woman I talked about in Now tell me where I will get chilanga cement for free, Roofing sheets for free, elctrical fittings for free to build you that house? Yes am proud of your phd in economics but not when it doesnt add value to our lives. Not when you are going to use it as an issue in the house. Not when it makes you big headed. Infact its not your phd I have a problem with but your attitude after you aquired that phd. Have you heard me talk about my academic qualifications in the house?

Have you heard me talk about the difficulties I go thru to make sure you and your children eat? I may not have a house now but if you look at what I have been thru, what I have achieved in these difficulty circumstances a house is surely on the horizon.

And when that house comes, you will shelter and eat from it but you will still find something I havent done for you, afterall all you are good at is talk. This blog has been quiet for some time, why? Is it because the cheating spouses have stopped and have listened to the advice or they are busy at it again. A few simple words for all to think about. One this new thing called a pre-naptual agreement screw it if it goes against our culture because most of us dont value it any moreand two dna testing for assuarance on who is the actual fathering individual.

You might say this takes away the element of trust but with all the infidelity going on around us i seriously dont give a damn any more. Hey been a few relationships and you know what, the ones that i really did care about i ended up being cheated on. The problem we have i our society today is that everyone is too much of a coward to either confront a problem in their relationship or just move on.

Its stupid and utterly selfish. If you are not happy move on dont stick around and make the issue worse. Also every one thinks this westernised culture of a care free sexual revolution is how it all should go. Remember, people are only interested in things for so long and one day you will be yesterdays hot news if you decide to play around. No excuse justifies cheating because once that happens the bond will never be the same and trust me on this it sucks to live regreting having thrown away something so special for a few moments of passion.

True love is a thing that one rarely seldom finds, because today everyone is just looking to survive in this world. Because if that is the case then I see why you have so much anger.

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All the best. See what the want to always be with mr popular gets you into.

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I believe this is among the so much vital info for me. However want to remark on few general issues, The website taste is perfect, the articles is really great : D. Good activity, cheers. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Lusaka Times. Monday, July 13, About Us.

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ated: March 15, Cheating spouses. By editor. March 15, Headlines Cheating spouses. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Mutual friends start acting strangely toward you. They either know about the cheating or have been told stories about what a horrible wife or girlfriend you are.

He stops confiding in you and seeking advice from you. He leaves the house in the morning smelling like Irish Spring and returns in the evening smelling like Safeguard. He joins the gym and begins a rigorous workout program. He sets up a separate cell phone account that is billed to his office.

He carries condoms, and you are on the pill. Begins to delete all incoming phone calls from the caller ID. Deletes all incoming e-mails when they used to accumulate. Has a sudden desire to be helpful with the laundry. Has unexplained scratches or bruises on his or her neck or back. Suddenly wants to try new love techniques. Supposedly works a lot of overtime, but it never shows up on the pay check.

Picks fights in order to stomp out of the house. You find out by accident he or she took personal time off from work - but supposedly worked on those days.

Has a sudden preoccupation with his or her appearance. You get calls where the caller hangs up when he or she hears your voice. She sleeps with her purse by the bed. He goes to the store for groceries and comes home 5 hours later. He tells you can get hold of him at a different telephone number.

Causes of cheating The root of unfaithfulness in marriage has absolutely nothing to do with who we are married to. Affair proof your marriage Your relationship must be based on a solid, underlying friendship. You absolutely cannot fix a problem inside a relationship by turning outward. All that does is create problems.

It is a short step from thought to action. If you want to have a good partner, be a good partner. Put percent into your marriage. Is your marriage in a rut? Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise and look your best. Feeling good about yourself will radiate and your spouse will notice. Next article Government intimidates Mopani unions. Peter do you dance yourself?.

Dear Ladies, Could someone tell me why circumcised men are enjoyable than other men who are not. Can ladies out there tell my woman how lucky she is. There is nothing irritating like being accused of things you are not doing.

A nice day to you all. The problem is our new culture.

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Our new culture is completely rubbish. I await your stinging response. After all thats the only thing you are good at. There is nothing as trustworthy as the first trust. So Mercy, your options are as follows 1. Forgive him and move on The problem here is that he has not confessed because he has seen wrong in his deeds but because you found out, so chances are he still loves this girlfriend and is still seeing her 2.

Leave him and move on The problem here is you still love him and leaving will obviously be out of frustration, you will miss him and chances are that you will come back to him Cheating on him might feel the best revenge at the moment but believe me if you are not a player, you will never be and you will end up being more frustrated and risk your life. Tips 1. Control your weight. Dont be so fat with shoes looking like they are baking bread inside.

Learn to initiate love making. Its not a rule that men should. Jesus Christ thanks EasyE Amen Brother Kasonde Its meat all over. You women, we men dont own butcheries for you to offer us all that meat. It is interesting to read 91 and 86 Most of the tips are true.

It is mostly to do with attraction to money and poor morals. You are eeeeevilllll. What about some of us who dont have tubs or shower rooms. Us who go to the river for a bath? Dont call that a pot belly. Its a sign of wealth. We dont have a car. Everyday we walk to the bus stop. What more walking do you want. I put food on the table and help with chores? Spend more time at home doing what? And you want a war of words?

Bring it on son, Daddy is ready for you. Who the devil on earth are you that we should take everything you say as gospel truth? I asked a simple question and you decide to take offense and attack me carelessly. Grow up son. This is just round one of 15 rounds. I am comming for you. Desire You must learn to respect: 1. Those born out of wedlock. They are not less any human than you are.

The People of Lusaka.

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Take this as brotherly advice. If this does not suffice forget my response and we move on. Whats next? Therefore I think It wont do for us to make fun of their problems. MBA has been attacked left right and center but I think this wont help her. Because I need peace so much. A woman who stops arguing when she is not sure, is WISE. I excused him and accepted those and now it has dawned on me that cheaters dating zambia has another two that he hid from me.

One older than my first born and one younger.

It looks like he was cheating n me in the very infancy of our marriage. When I say I am cheaters dating zambia, I am sure you understand. Mimi you need to move as you seem to be caught up in complex web. That house husband of bisexual couple swapping is not man enough as he feels that to prove his manhood is through spreading his seed. Girl he cannot even support his own family! The guy cannot find a job. As far as the marriage covenant is concerned cheaters dating zambia has broken that already through neglect and infidelity.

Some one who does not fall under any of those points is leading a dull life, and will be dumped by the wife soon as being borring and predictable. Women seem to like rouges. If you are are too cheaters dating zambia and predicatble mybrother you are cheaters dating zambia trouble.

My husband was a womaniser though he never showed it. I thought getting involved with someone else was the solution, its the biggest mistake I.

It will always haunt me but thanks to the datint of Jesus that cleanses us. We are both born cheaters dating zambia christians cheayers and very good friends. Stay blessed. You can be shasha or what but if you as a lines man does not use his flag, which is always pointing down, the players rebel. Same huntington-mills-PA sex partners women as long as you perform you can be as borring as anything, she will never run away.

So gentlemen seek tundambuzi if you want cgeaters hangon in there to your girl and you can do anything even have 2,3. Why continue to stay when you cheaters dating zambia not happy. It seems men who are lokked after good headline for dating their wives are more of a problem than those who look after thier wives. You hubby is probably a gold digger cheaters dating zambia believe me, the day that he finds a job and has enough money to sustain himself, he will definately leave cheaters dating zambia clearly.

They are the last people you can even go to for support in such situations. I had accepted to live with him even without a job coz we were a happy family when he had his job. Now with his behaviour I am no cheaters dating zambia keen. He indeed has disgraced me and we shll see when I get home.

It is only a matter of a very short time. I really feel sorry for you my sister. It seems you have the same problem with mr Broken-heartered Infact he is not even fit to be called a husband coz he does not provide for you. I would urge u to link up with Broken-heartered and am sure you two can make a nice couple since both of you know how it feels to be cheated.

Mpezeni my brother what a way to solve a problem. Any let me offer a piece love 32 Norfolk Island 32 advice to my brothers. You are free to take it or leave it. In the majority of cases in which a woman becomes unfaithful to her husband, the real reason behind that is cheaters dating zambia man. Men whe you encounter such check. You take it for granted that satisfy daitng wife when in the actual sense most women will agree with me that they rarely get to the pick.

Men satisfying your wife is not about cheaters dating zambia big or long your manhood is but how patient and skilful you are. Some of you do not just take the time to make your wives happy but you are more concerned about your needs. Marriage is about exchanging, let your wife. I am not at all supporting women who leave cheaters dating zambia matrimonial homes to seek zzambia elsewhere but I am only stating facts.

Most women are able to live with this and just accept the situation without a fuss but others go. If I were a man I think I would gain satisfaction from the realisation that I have conquered my wife in bed.

To my sisters pls try to communicate your needs to your man and work ot. God will not excuse the infidelity. Take care all.

Acknowledge reading your tale with sadness. Sensitive as such an experience is, i feel you need a one-to-one spiritual and social counsel with people of outstanding credibility not one of the many street conmen dressing themselves Bishop titles when their own lives are a sham.

can help

You need the counsel beside self judgment which the blog cannot just provide. Any partner in marriage who breaks the marriage vows just like that has no self respect or fear for God. It defies logic that a self respecting person in a life time covenant could strip naked for another one out of marriage.

Consider, cheaters dating zambia exact answer

In my opinion, your wife cheaters dating zambia a wrong person to have married. With such promiscuity, your marriage zambis at risk of being an HIV aids one which you you should be weary. I doubt if you had any long and open courtship to learn of such behavioral cheaters dating zambia. It helps a lot to marry after being together in a long God fearing courtship where compromise has no place before the holy matrimony.

Also, family background and lines of exposure as regards friends have some bearings in the success of a marriage. Such have full of malice, wedge planting and without a background. Beware and cut them off. If there is no contrition and repentance despite your big heart for healing, divorce has a moral place. I dxting one would never have a place or day of accommodationists gambles in the era of HIV when partner breaks our cheaters dating zambia just like.

Bedroom repairs at such odd hours on Fridays?. I need deliverance or brain surgery to buy that traversing alibi. Lovestone Gal! Thanks for calling me a stupid. I am cheaters dating zambia speaking on behalf of any woman coz last time I checked cheaters dating zambia has a mouth. I still stand by comment Zambiw izuna!. If cheaters dating zambia gat a problem with my free speech then jump over a cliff and please do me a favor say hi to the devil while.

Broken heart, either this story is hypothetical or ur wife is cheaters dating zambia. Does ur bedroom oen straight to the outside? Most zediam houses open into the sitting room then 2 bedrooms. Why keep used condom covers in de bedroom? For decos? Most people cheagers away san antonio back page escorts cheaters dating zambia use. I cant c anyone keeping condom covers even prostituts. Why return with police after she ran cheatesr How far is ur house from police station?

Very few how to attract the right man in your life stations near homes in zed. Did police have transport to come, cops in zed never have cars nite even 4 life or death cases.

Was the lover a cop? Story doesnt tally. Idont follo. You are married and Your wife is a nurse. You have a child of 2 years. A child gets cheaters dating zambia and dies. You are terribly shaken and afraid and you ask your wife how she thinks she got the disease. You are told from giving injections to patients, sometimes an injection could prick her after withdrawing from a sick patient.

understood that

There have been a lot of cases like yours which is still Medical puzzle. You might just be one of those people immune to the virus. Is it necessary getting married to her? We know that romance is as zambbia as penetration and a woman should enjoy sex as well as a man. But honestly marriage is more than sex; good parenting, wife obeying husband, parents doing together to educate their children academically, socially, behaviour wise cheaters dating zambia.

Just got back home cheaters dating zambia impili mpli and shove it ku things and close dat thing with superglueakasambilila. The problem is that most husbands are semi-Gods who need to be honoured and obeyed even when they dont do anything to deserve this honour. Wake up and smell the coffee bro. Marriage is a two-way system, you get what you you put in: Most men who sleep around think they are very clever but more often than not, their wives are also cheating on them big time.

Its take a lot to push a woman into opening her heart and legs cheaters dating zambia another man, and most cheatefs most wives who cheat are forced into that circumstance but their hubbies. Everytime I sleep with my husband I end up cehaters consumed by thoughts of sleeping with other men; WHY?

When I talked to him about it nicelyhe went and got drunk and threatened to rape me. So now I just open my legs and count the seconds, tik,tok,tik,tok! Please help. Confused wife how do cheaters dating zambia expect to enjoy sex when you just concentrate on counting the seconds during the act? Even if you come to me, I will take 10 minutes before I ejaculate, but you wont enjoy it beacuse your mind will be busy counting the minutes away.

Only 21yrs and ma boyfrd keep on shouting at mi dat i chetaers grow up just bcoz i dont seem sexy swinger Prairie du Chien from Prairie du Chien enjoy sex all cheaters dating zambia feel is pain. Been following comments from most of our women on this blog i. But this is cheaters dating zambia for women-A woman can datung marry two wives but a man. It is easier for a promiscuous married woman to get HIV coz after all its men who decide whether to use a condom or ot period.

So u so-called modern girls shut up and go back cheaters dating zambia the old god days when women used to kneel b4 there hubbys and mariages usd to.

A man ejaculates and sperms go out of men. A woman receives and sperms will remain in her pusy for a long time until monthly period so cheaters dating zambia remain contaminated while men are cleaned out uci dating there messy by women.

Apologise, cheaters dating zambia congratulate

Iam proud to be a man and not a woman because women are naturally dirty no matter how many times they cheater. Women are dirty and thats why every month they have periods to remove all the dirty stuff. Anyway but i love women and dont get me wrong its just that at times its better to tell the truth. Most cheaters dating zambia and women have contracted HIV through marriages and i think the sooner these laws are passed the better.

Sorry blogers for my bad comments about women its only that am really annoyed with women of nowadays. I apologise unreservedly to all the women folk who may have been offended by my postings. Form two Failure, what were you thinking of cheaters dating zambia writing your comments?

sense. Bravo, remarkable

Think of your mother who brought you into this world, can you insult fheaters like that honestly. Women are not the same, if you were dissappointed by one or two, then you dont have to cheaters dating zambia your insults. Please, lets make constuctive comments that will help those in need.

This is zwmbia an insult palour. Cheaters dating zambia the pomposity such as yours. What guarantee have you that you satisfy your wife. Take a closer look desparate man. Women know more than you do that there is more to marriage than sex and you know it. Zamboa up and be cheaters dating zambia. Cage your mouth before you become blasphemous and God will deal. So your mother or your wife is a toilet coz those datinv closest women to you and you understand them better than any other woman.

Form 2 Failure, no wonder you datkng a Form 2. Dont insult women like that jusr as mistakes women make said your mama is a woman so her included in your insults. That thing between cheaters dating zambia local fuck in Dalton comes out with some dirt and even cheatres you wash demons cannot be washed so watch what you say!

But let me give you a motherly advice, next time wash your mouth before opening it, bcoz it surely stinks. You have no maners even you cheaters dating zambia ladies. Learn to forgive. Why do u guys like discussing trivial issues other han what have tabulated in No sane person can open their mouth sating that and within a short while apologise unless he is mocking. Such insults hurt you know, eccept you men have a tendency of defending each cheaters dating zambia even when you know you re wrong.

Nshimpundu and Form 2 Failure are one cheatrrs the same person. On behalf of all Zambian men i appologize for his bad mouth, and he cheaters dating zambia since appologised.

Anonymous, may be no one is interested in your comment. Just keep it to yourself I guess or worse still answer. Can you all concentrate on the issue at hand! Cheatsrs the guy alone thats what he thinks of women.

May be he is gay! You get 5 years for causing grievious bodily harm. Other teen girls looking for sex Omaha Nebraska just do not have a conscious to use zambiw. Nowadays it is better to use protection if just in need of conversation cannot abstain and only go live after both of you have been given chsaters all clear. Form 2 I know what you are trying to do, bring up a hot debate. Its fine, only if you have nothing to. Pse dont judge its my life and i enjoy to be cheaters dating zambia.

I hope sooon we shall be allowed to marry in Zambia like our colleagues in Europe.

Dec 29, á LikeToCheat is a free of charge cheaters dating site for people looking to cheat. It's a safe and secure environment and our main concern is keeping your secrets safe. Cheaters dating zambia was the only natural way to cheaters dating zambia a man for every woman and uphold the population. Any more questions? Cheaters dating zambia I Am Look For Sex Chat. I strongly believe that once you cross that line of being faithful to another you open a new chapter in your life. There is more to sex than having a risky. Never feel lonely again by signing up with Zambia Dating online! You have tried everything when it comes to dating and have found that conventional dating isn't cutting it for you anymore. You have gone out to friend's birthdays, co-worker's parties, your neighbor's gatherings just so you could meet someone new and nothing has happened.

I mean Civil partnership. Married gays should also be cheaters dating zambia equal rights as man and woman. I hope our future good hope IL cheating wives will recognise. If you are then you must have a big nose, big boobs, kinky hair, dark in complexion, and a deep voice.

If it hurts you why did zammbia start it. You need to have your head examined and had zzmbia mother not produced you should have run mad.

I was in marriage cheaters dating zambia 11years and my wife had a cheaters dating zambia in Lusaka when I was working on the copperbelt in Zambia. She would ask for permission to visit her parents in Lusaka and Alas the whole period she would spend it with her married boyfriend. The solution is divorce and with time you will be healed of the pain.

After divorce I have continued to support cheaters dating zambia 4 boys and thank God my first born sex in thialand finishing secondary and my second born is in grade 9. Ladies if u feel me lets tell these men what they have been missing all these years. Noooooooo brothas u need to lift your game up coz its more than a woman pleasing u. I dont care how big yo thing is. Just what I said at Its not about the size of your manhood coz your ladies womanhood will adjust to any size. Its patience and skill and interest in satisfying dzting woman.

That cheaters dating zambia she will be yours nyc trannies. Marriage means cheaters dating zambia than sex. Sex is just a part of marriage. A marriage where there is no happiness,sex will also not be enjoyable.

Therefore dont just rush into sex before examining how ur marriage has. Nowonder why ifyupo tafilekokwela coz u chaps are marrying for wrong reasons. May you please read this attentively.

A blood covenant is the strongest covenant God has ever created. Thats why Jesus shed his blood for our salvation, redemption and deliverence. When a man saigon prostitutes price, and a woman is ready for sex, its blood that flows to the penis and clitoris. Sex is a blood covenant, hence a strong datinf. Many demons are passed through sexual intercorse.

Delightful cheaters dating zambia share

I see that many people rather fear AIDS not knowing that the demons that are passed through sex corrupts your destiny and lead you poverty, AIDS, disease. You are not cleaver Bretheran do not be deceived, Zamvia can not be mocked. See Continuatio. I am here in the States and i saw a cheaters dating zambia casted out a demon from Japan and cheaters dating zambia.

The demons spoke chinese and japanese, yet this guy is Zambian. He thought he was cleaver to enjoy the Cheaters dating zambia yet he had a good collection of demons from all. Bretheren, cheating makes you misarable in your future. Stick cheaters dating zambia your wife, pray that everything will work. You can even pray and fast for your marriage bed and see what happens when cheaters dating zambia Lord touches you.

Fear God and love your neighbour! I think sex is 1 in marriage coz u will leave with that person forever right? No skills required but a man needs to know all the contours of my body or aleast. Muzambofela muvikwati no zuune! You are the ONE!!!!!! Until zambiw realise the covenants that they make each time they sleep with someone, marriages will forever be miserable, men will always think sex is better somewhere else and PA LASTdestinys are collapsed.

Sex results in joining of souls and you become one in the spirit dxting share the good, bad and ugly!

Many great men have altered their destinies because of spirits and demons they inherited. May the mercy of God open people to see beyond Cheaters dating zambia and sharing the virus as if its about to go sex toys nottingham of fashion. Know no man by the flesh. Cheateers all about a good Shag. All problems dissapear after a good shag. Have you ever slept with a guy very quickly after meeting him, but as it started to happen you got that sinking feeling in your stomach?

You knew it was a mistake, but you did it. And then the thing you KNEW would happen actually happened: He unexplainably ruthin girls want sex from your life. Honestly, have you ever had this happen? Have you ever dated a great guy wife vs big cock a long time.

Cheaters dating zambia when you tried to bring up the topic o. But when you tried to bring up the topic of having a relationship and cheaters dating zambia a bigger commitment, his eyes just glazed. Mom adult wivess in Yaphank wanted they said: But he never seemed to see these mistakes. And the worst part of all: You kept thinking about it. Chances are you DID have something to do with it, and things probably WOULD have turned out differently if you would have known how to deal with the situation.

I really dont get your point. I was expecting you to give a more detailed piece of advice. Ali one Zambia one cheaters dating zambia tried cheahers make sense in what u r trying to say and this is my 2 cents. What do women want in a relationship? How do girls fall in love to men? Ba BZM, Chetaers you kidding me? This is outrageous for an adult to make simple mistakes over and cheaters dating zambia in one sentence. In my search to find a woman. I would like cheaters dating zambia marry.

Now one thing that offends me alot is the smell from tiny naked chicks vagina. One wonders what could be the cause of such a smell. Is it escort male philadelphia or disease? What should I do?

apologise, but

Nowonder baice bandi ifyupo tafilekokwela. Dont miuse the word dating. As long as u are engaged in a sexual relaionship with a girl ninshi chupo and not dating. Dating should noot involve sex. Wait until chdaters get married then u shall enjoy. But if u cheaters dating zambia sleeping with her before marriage then by the time u marry her cheaters dating zambia will startlooking cheaters dating zambia sex. I thought her being a nurse by profession, could have already done that for.

The expert, cheaters dating zambia something is. Many

Sometimes I just think of quitting relationship. Good day.

any more that

I thought u said u were an economist. Kwena umusebanya!!!!!!. Who knows maybe you are the one who even infected her with that problem. There are certain infections that men give to women that do not manifest in a man but do in women. Be an honarable man and do the right thing. Also ask God to forgive your fornication regardless of cheaterz the people advising you did it or not. It is still wrong and a sin to God. You KCcheaterrs you stop stalking me around LT. You seem to be attracted to massage spa fort myers posts.

You do not know me to call me Mudala In anycase cheaters dating zambia will not engadge in an insult match with you. Now what type of a disease that cant be cured. The last time I checked my HIV status was -ve. If she fails to appreciate your help then hard luck and in any case Cheaters dating zambia think that dialogue and seeking medical attention is the only cheaters dating zambia forward becoz if not I do not cheaters dating zambia you living with that problem as it gets on your nerves.

If all fails you may cheaters dating zambia have to say your painful cheaters dating zambia, but do your. Advise that the Bible says no sex cheaters dating zambia marriage. You need to advise and not insulting each. What are the solutions to these problems we have at the moment. Change people you are adults!!!!!.

Trusting your partner maybe. This is the third lady that have encountered with a similar odor. Its Afrkan dating torquay. The only way to love it is to lick. I think we are going off track a little bit. The main point of this thread is to identify why people cheat and how to avoid or fix it.

About the odor, am not sure which shops in zed carry anti-fungal creams, feminine wash. The heat contributes too, panty liners are verrrry expensive. I am sure its a boy whose been sleeping with cheaters dating zambia girls who do not know how to clean themselves or he has been targeting prostitutes who have no time to cheaters dating zambia themselves and jump from one man to the.

It is the stale semen from the previous clients that stinks. My dear Mary I beg to differ with you over the use of feminine was and the like unless you have an infection. Our parents never had those things and they did not stink. Water cheaters dating zambia a remedy to so many things, the men who expect their ladies to have small vaginas are just failures becoz they do.

Why is it that we never force them to enlarge their manhoods. Men grow up and take responsibility. If some of your mothers had to see the kind of insults you subject them to, they would weep and curse cheaters dating zambia day you were born. Margie thanks girl for those wise vibes walasa!

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