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This study by Fabio Ferrara of Monterubbiano - Italy is based on more than old Charatan pipes he studied from the "Basciano stock" purchased by Mario Lubinski - Fermo. This fantastic addition to the Charatan knowledge base is now in English here on Pipedia. Note: In the United States, Charatan is often miss-pronounced. Rick Newcombe interviewed Ken Barnes and reports, "The pronunciation of CHaratan pipes not Sheraton is likely to cause controversy, but the people who knew the Charatans say the matter is not open for debate. These pipes got very popular soon, and thus Charatan moved to a bigger workshop in Prescot Street, just around the corner. Here he began to make briar pipes which should make the name famous the world over. Charatan was the first brand to make entirely hand-made briars from the rough block to the finished pipe including the stems.

After a period in the storage and briar curing division, he was introduced by Reuben, who really appreciated Jones' ideas, to the carving of pipes. In a short period Jones became a 'master carver' responsible for many free hands of this period.

He put a 'Danish like' style to many creations and he still remained at Charatan even after Reuben's death. He eventually left the company in I believe after the disappointing Dunhill acquisition and then moved to Upshall, or more correctly, to the Tilshead Pipe Co.

Many collectors consider Jones's creations as the ultimate thus, for them, the era is seen as the most expressive time of the brand.

We know for sure that after acquisition of Ben Wade some freehand pipes marked Ben Wade and. Jones has also given some detailed information about how to recognize his creations establishing a lot of interest among collectors.

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For a proper dating of Charatan's pipes we need to target the various 'eras' and see if they are recognizable in the details of particular pipes. With regard to the different production, and thus quality, these distinctions have to be taken into account:.

Charatans are made in the French factory in St. Claude by J.

Pipas Charatan, las mejores del mundo - Charatan Pipes London (1977) Smoking Pipe

It is worth noting that during the second Lane era, after Ben Wade's acquisition, its machines were installed in the Charatan factory, revolutionizing the production of pipes, especially lower grades. Other were commissioned to outside factories. Most of these pipes went out with the Ben Wade brand but is possible to find some pipes marked Charatan that have been produced by someone else. For sure Preben Holm was involved but there are some suspicions on other factories such as Willmer.

Charatan dating

It is important that the dating operation is carried out on an original pipe. From they use the 'Double Comfort' style still used today.

By the way there are some saddle bits without the double comfort used in pipes that date after but these models are always characterized by a X in the place of the DC engraved after the shape number on the shank.

This means that if a pipe has a tapered mouthpiece instead of a double comfort one, it is definitely a pre-Lane pipe before While if a pipe has a normal saddle bit stem, it could belong to every era. Nevertheless the pipe is pre if the shape code does not include an X, and is a pipe from after if the X is engraved. Finally any pipe with the double comfort stem is definitely after Some differences are less obvious than others, however the glaring differences are detectable in 4 phases.

The CP till the is very fine, the C penetrates the P. From to the CP logo is more pronounced and the C penetrates the P.

From approx. The X and the DC appear only on pipes after The engraving in script font 'Made by Hand -In-City of London' on three lines identifies pipes made between and I immediately point out that pipes of this era are very rare and it is very unlikely to come across a pipe from this time.

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Pipes belonging to this period are rare, however is it possible to come across one. They can be distinguished from a pipe of the first era mainly because their larger size.

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In this period the Underboar series was introduced too. It was a line of pipes made from to approx.

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If the stem is not a double comfort but a saddle one, it is characterized by the letter X on the right of the shape code e. Pipes belonging to this period are quite common.

Their characteristics are close to the one of the previous era, the distinctive element is that the writing on the shank changes from 2 to 3 lines.

It is worth mentioning that this period is characterized by many inconsistencies as a consequence of the acquiring of Ben Wade's machines and even the Preben Holm and Wilmer involvement to whom Lane commissioned a part of the pipes production. Consequently we can find some Danish style freehands but, on closer inspection, it is possible to see that this era is characterised by inconstancy.

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Honestly this period has not been a good one for the brand, at least for concerning the characteristic 'British style' of the marque. This chaotic period that lead Dunhill to acquire Lane in mid is well detailed in many documents. I want to show of curiosity a letter of the 26th of March,where it is difficult to understand the situation and where the real origin of all Charatans of this era as coming from the Charatan's London Factory, is already a source of doubt :.

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Thereafter the fame and quality of the make declined. The pre-Lane period prior to and the Lane era pipes to until sometime between - are of primary interest the collector. The Lane era is often quoted as beginning about Charatan records are almost non-existent before Lane due to a factory fire, making it difficult to date pre-Lane pipes.

Charatan used 4 basic grades prior to Supreme, Selected, Executive, and Belvedere. After Herman Lane's influence began, and the grades started to expand.

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In Lane took over sole distributorship of Charatan in the US. In he introduced the Supreme S.

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Most of his other introductions were from the 60's and early 70's. In Dunhill sold the rights to the Charatan name, trademark and shape chart - there was hardly more left over to sell - to James B.

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Russell Inc. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Russell had made his Charatan pipes in Saint-Claude, France. Butz-Choquin is said to be the manufacturer.

Their marriage came as a shock to Kim Lankford-understandably so, considering she was dating Durst at the time, according to the book Without a Trace. Charatan, along with enjoying the privileges. Jun 23,   Subject: Charatan Pipe Dating Wed Jun 23, pm Is anyone savvy with dating Charatan Pipes? The B&M I work at has had this awesome Charatan sitting on the store's employee pipe rack for over a year now and I have been eyeing it up.

Now, Saint-Claude made pipes are surely not bad per axiom, but these Charatans were woefully poor counterfeits of the "real" ones and quite a flop in sale. When J.

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Russell went out of business in Dunhill re-purchased Charatan and called on Colin Fromm of Invicta Briars and Castleford fame to produce Charatan freehands now. Since Colin Fromm and his foreman Colin Leeson, both belonging to the small number of English pipe artisans skilled in making high-end freehand shapes, had already been making exquisite freehands for Dunhill for a couple of years in Chatham, Kent.

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To say the least, these Colin Fromm made Dunhill Charatans show impeccable craftsmanship and feature great smoking characteristics at very reasonable prices. Still others indicate they were introduced by Lane in Edit: Also read here for some info, but my understanding is that some of the info on this page is incorrect This was the period when Herman?

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Lane was the company importing Charatan to the States. It started in the early 's, I think, and continued until Dunhill purchased the company, some time, I think, in the late 's.

Hope this helps. Guys - Thanks so much for your timely responses, I really appreciate it! I will be doing some reading, and cleaning of this pipe some more this evening.

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I'll post some info as I get it, thanks again! There are a couple of reasonable articles out on the web.

The Ivy Ryan one cited above is certainly worth reading just to get a bit of the flavour of the Dunhill vs. Charatan rivalry. Lane imported Charatan pipes starting in the late 40's to early 50's.

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