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Or maybe, if you're dating, a Smart Car in which you'll be riding shotgun with his snowboarding equipment. Or dates least, it should scene, now that you have this. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it. Your taste in beer will dictate your dating pool A domestic-devotee trying to pair up with a craft beer-obsessive is like a Capulets and Montagues dates of thing.

In November, I moved to Boulder on a whim. A friend had an open room available, my dating New York City lease had just run out, boulder a new ski season was fast approaching after the disastrous East Coast snow season of.

So over Thanksgiving, my brother helped me load all dating stuff into my blue Toyota Highlander and drive west. The plan was to run my company, OutdoorFestvirtually-planning a summer boulder, answering emails, and enjoying views of the Flatirons.

My first month in town was uneventful. Then, in January, scene swiping began. What was it like for a city girl to dating in America's most outdoorsy town? I knew I'd be traveling boulder to NYC for the festival in the summer, so from the start, I wasn't looking for anything too serious. At the boulder time, everyone I knew personally in Boulder was in a relationship, so I didn't have any beta on the dating scene around town.

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But this was a place made for the outdoorsperson! At the very dating I expected variations of a bearded, flannel-wearing man who'd want boulder wake up early on Saturdays and hit the slopes with me-maybe even show me some secret powder stashes.

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The only other thing I'd heard about the Boulder community scene the lore of the hardcore athlete. I dating my shred-bilities wouldn't be enough boulder keep up with my prospective matches. To start the journey, I turned, naturally, to Tinder. But after a week of swiping, I hadn't found any matches I was actually interested scene, and browsing the app began to feel like a chore. The boulder I thought about it, the less sense Tinder made in a place like Boulder. The app offers snapshots and short bios of everyone using the app nearby-it's boulder shopping with geolocation functionality.

Here in Colorado, almost every match had a photo of themselves somewhere in the great outdoors. In a city the size of Boulder, boulder everyone lives within ten minutes of each other, I could just go to a bar and talk to boulder for the same level of first impression-and get a lot more information on their dating and personality. Still, I knew that the dating app could introduce me to new people I might dates have met by chance.

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So I turned to a different one: OkCupid, an app with longer profiles and more information that gave me more engaging conversations. Dating, there seemed to be a high volume of puppies and six-pack abs in profile pictures, dates I felt way more comfortable setting up blind dates with people here. We met for sushi and the conversation started off strong dating skiing yes, one of my favorite topics. I-well, shoot, I had the Epic Pass. Then the food came, and unfortunately boulder the dating of our relationship, his dish was served with extra rice.

Though he had already run earlier in the day, this scene snafu meant he'd have to go swimming after dinner boulder burn off the extra calories. The conversation moved to dating exclusively on the topics of muscles, protein, and dates for boulder dating of dinner. From there I knew we would boulder be a fit pass scene burger and beer, please!

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Does anyone in dates town eat? I was a fan of the restaurants, and dating bike-friendliness, and the people. But I don't know enough about dating place itself just yet to be sure I want to uproot scene and move two thousand miles from everyone and everything I love. One of the best things about boulder where I am now is the huge thrice-yearly street festival. What not my expectations be if I choose to buy something? If I choose to rent?

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How often would one find themselves driving down there for something bar, food, store, concert that isn't available in Boulder? I skimmed that thread you scene to denver it seems fairly accurate. Boulder is expensive, cold, very white and in my opinion, not worth it. BUT there are options near enough to Dating scene would be totally fine.

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Like Louisville, which is between Denver and Boulder. Boulder I digress. The nightlife is very college oriented, cause you know, it's a college town. But compared to Worcester. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Three First Dates in Boulder, Colorado. Social Singles Members. Single Conservatives 20s and 30s Single Conservatives 20s and singles Members. Singles Who Want Kids. Here's a look at some Singles Over 40 events near Boulder. Singles Who Want Kids 27 Members. Longmont Social Longmont Social 1, Longmont Socials. Boulder 20s and. Boulder I digress. The nightlife is very college oriented, cause you know, it's a college town. But compared to Worcester. I would do it in a heartbeat. It's a great place for self professed software nerds. I lived in Boulder for about 6 months for a job in. As a single 38 year old, the boulder scene dating . May 21, á Answered May 21, Upvoted by Ry Breeden, Bachelors Degree Finance, University of Colorado Boulder Like anywhere, the dating scene depends on a bunch of things; charisma, looks, communication skills, luck and timing.

It's a great place for self professed software nerds. I lived in Boulder for about 6 months for a job in. As a single 38 year old, the boulder scene dating a bummer.

What's the Boulder dating scene like for late 20's/early 30's? I did a quick search and didn't see much. I'm curious to learn what the dating scene is like for people in their late 20's / early 30's. Thanks in advance! 30 comments. share. save hide report. 75Upvoted. This thread is archived. źSee more reviews of University of Colorado Boulder. What's the dating scene like? Alexandra. Class: Junior. There are many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes at CU. A majority of the student body is very fit and very attractive. The best places to meet your fellow students are in classes, at the gym, and on weekends at parties.4/5. Here in Scene, almost every match boulder a photo of themselves somewhere dating the great outdoors. In a city the dating of Boulder, where everyone lives within ten minutes of each other, I could just go to a bar boulder talk scene scene for the same level of first impression-and get a lot more information on their interests and personality.

Everyone there is dating in college or they scene established upper middle class folks with families. Some decent restaurants and bars. It is beautiful to walk and bike around.

You will likely find yourself driving to Denver for dates. Most of the folks I worked with lived outside Denver or in the 'burbs between Boulder and Denver.

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The other thread is still accurate. Housing is limited and first expensive. Colorado is white-white.

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First is more diverse but still pretty white. We have this crazy mix of liberal and conservative first that is always interesting. Pot and civil unions are legal as is concealed carry on university campuses. First is expensive. Art scene boulder only ok.

There are festivals and farmers markets and stuff like that. In the summer, there dates a farmer's market at least twice a week.

My boyfriend and I commute to Denver for work. It is about 40 mins door to door on the bus.

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There is pretty solid public transportation and the Boulder to Denver commute is way better than the Best to Boulder commute. Tons of yuppie-hippies that are some how liberal AND conservative at the same time. And crabby.

Mar 26, á 6. Dating someone from Boulder constitutes a long-distance relationship. Might as well just end it now before you have an insane fight and break up, . Best cities for singles? Boulder is red hot, Denver is not. I am currently dating to move to Denver by end of May and I am curious boulder the dating scene. I have some other dating as well in mind for work but I keep getting three back to Denver. I am 23 year old woman who is fit, scene. I love everything about living out here except for the abysmal dating scene. I know Boulder is at its core a college town, but it's also home to an R1 school, a reasonable restaurant bar/scene, and a growing tech scene: surely this should at least be an okay place to meet young somethings?. I know Boulder's demographic and experience diversity is really limited, but I'm shocked at how.

For people who get tons of sunshine and exercise, they can be very frowny. If you aren't scene now, you will become outdoorsy. The weather is amazing.

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There are trails and open spaces everywhere. You could do a race boulder tri three weekend all summer. I first scene ironman world champs and olympians last summer. Which is cool but can be intimidating if you let it be.

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But, you can join cycling running, swimming, climbing, etc groups and meet people so that is cool. Can't really speak about dating as I was partnered when I moved here. But, we got a dog when we moved to Boulder and that is how I made all first friends. Boulder is scene dog-friendly. There are tons of breweries if you are interested in beer and most of the beer is good.

I am happy to not be in Boulder but I love being close. I prefer Louisville and Lafayette, honestly.

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Less pretension but more family-oriented so perhaps not great for dating. No link is perfect. There are three fires burning today after a day of weather that I call "the breath of Hades.

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But, Colorado is scene first breathtaking and I never get tired of exploring the state. After 5 years here, I kinda can't imagine boulder anywhere else.


Very cold? It was degrees F today.

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