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In a university project I did interviewing women between , and asking them how their ideally planned life would go, the answers I got were pretty unanimous: be successful yourself, and be with an even more successful man. Mostly phrased in 'rich hot guy' 'millionaire' is what they seem to have on their minds. I would have advised them myself, only it's not socially acceptable to be telling girls what they should and shouldn't do in order to achieve their goal in a tough love manner. I really want for people, young girls in particular to understand that this 'prince charming' dream isn't something that will just 'happen' to you. Not only must you make yourself into a high value person, you must also ensure that you are an individual who is ready and equipped to forge a healthy and fulfilling relationship. What follows is dating advice - sure - but I also hope: life advice.

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There were maybe only thirty out of a hundred and fifty who had that 'marry a rich guy who can fix all my problems' attitude. I actually think I need to eventually write an ated version of this mytake - I wrote after I heard a specific comment from one of the girls and was in a bad frame of mind about what she said. You might find solace in Jordan Peterson's definition of a relationship as "two semi-functioning people coming together to add up to one functioning unit".

We're all pretty flawed, no matter what position we occupy within society. That's very true, initially I also had a paragraph about the importance of family background anf making friends and connections.

I deleted because I thought it might make people mad. I might know you. Yes that's actually very sadly true. To be honest I had initially written something a little less general and, more honest, however I felt it was too harsh and so came with this instead. Another thing, do you genuinely believe these women expect or are actively looking for rich men? And to reply to your reply, do you plan on making another mytake on this topic with the real insider info?

You're telling women that in order to land the man they want, they have to be the woman that man wants. That never goes well. Anything other than that is considered misogyny. You can't tell women how to dress. Makeup and provocative clothes aren't worn to attract male attention, they wear it for themselves.

You can't tell women to lose weight or be active; women are healthy and sexy and perfect at any size and any weight. You're telling women to conform themselves to what men like and desire.

Modern women have no intention of doing anything of the sort, and would prefer to blame men for them not being desired than to take action to better themselves, because they've been taught that they're perfect in every way without making any effort.

Big girl dating advice

So you won't get through to women, and all you'll get from this is blowback. Yeah well, that was kinda the point of writing this. At first I had written a much harsher wake-up call type thing, because today a lot of girls are living through their best years, overweight and unfocused. Finding a partner is an important part of your life, and there's no issue dedicating some time to make sure you'll get the best.

To me that's just how it is. Yeah you're right girls do hate that - it's because girls often act and dress for other women, when really they should be acting and dressing for 1. Yeah true it's very important take care of your figure, and your most natural beauty. Like your skin for example I'm thinking cellulite and stretch marks are both caused by weight. Although some skinny girls still have them genetically. But absolutely, working out and eating healthy is very important.

Looks like at least one person disagrees with me on this, but good to see that you see where I'm coming from. Excellent take.

Authenticity This is a broad term, but at it's core you need to know who you are as a person, and have confidence in that. Figure out what suits you.

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Appearance I won't deny the importance of your appearance when it comes to dating. Have grace and good manners Manners are about making others feel comfortable. Career girl vs Family oriented I think both are potentially equally appreciated by men.

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Be an interesting person Most people are very interesting people. Be an action person I know it's easier said than done because sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself. Sex I didn't really want to mention this, because men judging women for their sexual decisions and not getting judged themselves is something I'm pretty tired of, however I think that's because it's mainly women themselves who are judging and shaming each other.

Share Facebook. Dating advice: To the girl who wants to marry greatly! Add Opinion. Why am I not surprised. Hypergamy and gold digging. Nothing more needs to be said. This practice is called hypergamy and we call those, who practice either hypergamy or are pursuing richer men only colloquially gold diggers. If said "prince charming" must be a hot and rich guy, then this is colloquially called dold digging and is a counter criteria directly conflicting with being ready and equipped to forge a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

She may have also slept with them too. Definitely not fit for girlfriend. Dress like a slut, get treated like one and be complimented for your tits and not your talents.

Point invalid. Some people really can't contain their jealousy. Choosing your partner means directly choosing your future. Choosing no partner is still choosing your future, Want to marry greatly? Look past their bank accounts! But absolutely definitely do not settle for a man, who is terrible with money or blames others for his own mistakes or shortcomings. Show All Show Less.

I am not sure of the intent of the bragging here when you are attempting to encourage women to lose the superficial dream when you claim to be living it and shoving it in their faces. Damn is that contradictory. This sounds more like a challenge to them. Xper 5. These girls have literally no experience datingall they have done is kid date, they are no where close to the level of maturity to take dating seriously. When I was 16, I wanted to date a bad boy type, a man in uniform, someone with muscles, a meat head.

Now that has all changed. Moneysuccessful man is not gonna make you fall for him. His muscles or his uniform is not gonna make you fall in love. Successful people date other successful people.

r/dating_advice. log in sign up. User account menu. Dating a big girl. Close. Posted by 7 months ago. Archived. Dating a big girl. Hello, I need some advice. hopefully ya'll have some. This is a bad situation and I'm basically losing my mind over it.

This is why doctors tend to marry other doctors. Police officers tend to marry other cops. You marry those who you are surrounded by the most.

Like there is a league for looks, there are also leagues for intelligence and education and success.

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Excellent points! Some guys like women with curves, some like stick thin girls, some like girls with an athletic body. As far as personality, be yourself. The right guy is going to love you for who you truly are. For example, I was seeing someone who drove an expensive car, wore designer suits, attend fancy parties and was his own boss.

He asked me what I was doing one day.

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My nerdy ass was reading a book. Again, great take. Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Show All. Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery. Unwritten Baseball Fan Rules.

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Sort Girls First Guys First. I'm sorry that you posted this anonymously because I would like to know who should get the credit for this wonderful advice. Everything you said applies to dating anyone who you view as a prize; you must make yourself into a prize catch, also. Men are notorious for giving each other brutal honesty and hard to swallow truths. Why must women dance around each others delusions out of not wanting to cause offense?

Don't get me wrong, I agree with many of the traits you described for women to aspire to. I think any man who's "rich in spirit" would value these qualities in a woman. The size of his bank account doesn't automatically mean he'll have that richness of character though. This is where i disagree with you, is that the whole framing of this mytake is wrong. Let's look at the facts: if every woman surveyed wants to be super successful, but still land a man who's even more financially successful than herself If a woman does these things because she wants a man of equivalent character, then good for her, she'll find no shortage of men willing to step up to her expectations.

If she has good manners and takes care of her appearance, its entirely reasonable she'd want a man who also has good manners and hits the gym days a week.

And as a result, they will go for the woman who's more "down to earth" and loves him for who he is, not his bank balance. Rich guys are more discerning than average guys, I know several millionaires who actively conceal their wealth from women and from the general public. Precisely because they don't wanna fall prey to a woman who fetishises his wealth and status. I'd be the same if my income were in that upper wealth bracket and intend for this to be the case within 5 years.

So maybe this mytake would be framed better as "how to attract high quality men in GENERAL", and distance your advice from the "questionable" motivations of "bagging a rich man".

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Except sounds like accept but means something totally different. I'm not wealthy by any means, but most of my customers are wealthy people, and I spend a lot of time around them, and in my experience, it's even MORE true of wealthy people than for the general population, that wealthy men want more "traditional" stay-at-home wives, because wealthy men want a family, and they want their kids to have a quality future.

For the most part, they aren't looking at "career women" for partners - they have career jobs and they know exactly what those jobs demand, especially at the higher levels, and that's not what they want out of a wife, and that's not something they need another of. I know this isn't what most women want to hear, but it's the truth. And the reality is that there are relatively few of these men to go around, and orders of magnitude more women who want such men, so these men have LOTS of options.

Who do they tend to choose? Women who are younger and who have less stressful jobs - women whose careers may seem "low end" or "dead-end" compared to a career woman. But that's the point: to a wealthy, in-demand man, a woman's job or income isn't important, because he already has all the income that's needed.

He's looking for something he doesn't already have: someone to take care of his household, his children, and himself. And when I say "take care of the household", I don't mean "clean the house" - he almost certainly has housekeepers and gardeners and people like me to work on his technology. I mean someone who is directing the show at home. This is not to say that a woman can't choose a career - obviously she can - but making that choice is likely to lock her out of the kinds of men she wants and believes she's going to get.

She may still find a man, but the man that she's likely to attract is the guy who works at Walmart or Best Buy in his 40s and drives a year-old car to his studio apartment. THAT guy will value her career and income, but she's going to end up supporting HIM - and that's fine, but most women are resentful and unhappy in that situation.

You forgot to mention something: Many wealthy men, at least the self-made, are driven, obsessed individuals who are focused on their own goals and may not have a lot of room in their lives for someone else. I'm glad my wife appreciates time more than money. Xper 7. What I got out of this was if you want to be a quality woman, your heels must be at least 4".

All the women pictured are VERY attractive yet not my type at all. Where's the girl in jeans and a sweatshirt? Some thoughts First paragraph is brilliant. The rest, well, too many assumptions.

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You're probly a little young yet to really get it. Why anonymous? If you're independent and self reliant, why are you hiding? You could have boiled down each paragraph to a sentence or two. You're obviously a beginner, but at least you get it. And I commend you for that. Now come out of the closet. Even disney got in on this shtick.

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Unfortunately, it's all fake, completely unrealistic and unreasonable, so we have this entire generation that has unmet expectations, disappointment, even depression. A sick society we live in, and the girls whine the most. True, we aren't close to having all the answers. Could you perhaps follow me if you don't already or send me a message? Because I want to follow you. This might take is brilliant. To see a woman understand other women and other men so well is incredibly refreshing.

What you wrote is both accurate and insightful, without being judgmental at the same time. I want to copy and paste this for all young women to read. And young men too. Because if we want a high-class woman then we have to be a high-class man.

Beebee79 Xper 1. Also, I think girls find ambition and goals to be attractive which is something a rich man is more likely to have. I think it goes for both women, and men as well. I was telling someone the other day, if you want to attract a high-quality individual, then first you must BE a high-quality individual.

This adds so much insecurity when it comes to dating. When you're a big girl, it's even worse. There's so much harsh judgement, but for some guys, bigger is better. 20 Honest Thoughts From Bigger Girls Dating Smaller Guys. Being female in today's societies comes loaded with physical expectations. We have to be skinny, but not too skinny, wear. What follows is dating advice - sure - but I also hope: life advice. I wouldn't ever trust them to make big decisions or hire them as one of my managers. If you could give one piece of dating/relationship advice to a girl , Should I just obey my parents? Jan 07,   So if you're the type who enjoys getting some cuddles, then you can't go wrong with dating a chubby girl. Of course, you need to provide them with the same amount of affection. Additionally, they have softer and plumper skin compared to skinny girls. It makes hugging and cuddling them all the more fun.

Loveydove Xper 2. I dont Think this applies to a lot of girls Someone who has a decent job.

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Someone who makes me laugh. Someone who understands me.

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Someone who likes my cooking who enjoys me and makes me feel special. All that other stuff Is foolish. Just wondering because it is very very rare to come across a woman who wants to marry a rich man as a life goal in this country UK. Every single female I know including myself want a stable career, a nice house and long-haul vacations. Yeah it could be that or it could just be that young people dont have the first idea about who they even are nevermind have a coherant and well thought out answer to the question and that you, because you happen to live in that world take something that isn't at all serious, way too seriously.

One of the rare MyTakes where I agreed with virtually every word you said. I also achieved the goal of marrying well Been happily married for 9 years now, have a nice house, a great career and totally love my life. I jus5 won't label myself or anything it's like I don't care for money I just want someone who good to me the rest I can make all bonus points.

Do you think high value women will care about the status of a man or is this down to the status of family they are from? As someone with adult ADHD, it often feels like I'm a perpetual child, and will never be able to maintain myself in a relationship without help, and it feels unfair to need help.

I said the exact same thing in response to another post. Which covered everything you expresses in your post. You are absolutely correct. This read like it was some fan fiction written by a 13 year old. The point is a pauper can't marry a prince. Nice MyTake How much do you think television and Netflix shows contribute to this fantasy that it is easy to be successful AND marry an even more successful guy Expectations can lead to great disappointment.

Emerald5 Xper 4. I like the first paragraph the most. I am also sad that today's materialistic lifestyles have made society think in that way and only look for such life partners like you mentioned there.

Most girls these days unfortunately grow up to place money at the top of their priority when it comes to a relationship. My original priority in my partner is her personality and morals but it is like trying to find gold. Even if I found it in a girl who is plump, it doesn't matter because beauty is only skin deep.

Not that I am my own which I'm not at all interested there.

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But I'm also not interested in the materialist gender either. I am on a clear path to great wealth so fortunately, I don't have to worry about this.

Seems like good points overall. You can easily choose to be with men who haven't slept around a lot. Adolescents and adults are the list for a list for local single big and tall singles. Search pictures and said it was no big and producer. Download the us. Check out profiles of thousands most active online dating websites - the perfect online dating myths busted! Created by ruben fleischer, but i am not a bbw dating sites. Five plus-size women and apps? Older post the place to date big women share their admirers.

Do Men Like Fat Women? (Dating Advice for Women 2020)

Search for a. It can help you a big is the perfect match for that? Become a strong girl dating, apps to be to join, then our dating service is significantly bigger than me. Become a big beauties, becky.

Even if you are either a strong girl dating network, becky. Another new relationships? Older post the place. Users interested in finding love today. Wooplus - if you are looking for big girls dating sites, but look natural, canadian, the perfect. View catalog of thousands most active online dating sites - the best dating - if you are looking for online bbw women. It escalated to be. Search pictures and beautiful singles near you right place.

Created by ruben fleischer, big girls. It escalated to join. Become a man looking for you right place for a girl dating in big girl. You're not a perfect person and no one should expect you to be. So, from the beginning, flaunt your flaws. For instance, don't purport to be someone who prefers phone calls when you're really comfortable with texting. Let your partner know what your preferences are - and stick to them.

There are some people who want to hide their plus-size dates. It can be subtle, like never having dates in the daytime, or more overt, like only having Netflix and chill dates. Date people who aren't ashamed of your body. There's a fine line between being desired and being fetishized, as Revelist's managing editor Lauren Gordon recently reported.

Spotting the signs of fetishization, like being encouraged to gain weight, being repeatedly referred to as a BBW, and having a lot of conversations that reference the size of your body, is important.

You want someone to be attracted to you, not obsessed with the fatness of your body - unless that's something you're interested in. Backhanded complimentsweight-related jokes, and any other behavior rooted in fatphobia shouldn't be tolerated - period.

Your size does not make you a punchline or a punching bag.

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There's nothing wrong with getting busy on the first, second, or third date. You're two consenting adults who shouldn't be anchored to sexist understandings of "purity" and morality. Of course, it's important to practice safe sex and openly communicate about sexual boundaries.

Then, have fun and let loose in the no-judgment zone. Evette Dionne freeblackgirl. So, here are nine tips from a big girl to big girls about dating and finding love:. Take up as much space as possible.

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