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If you're bottle-feeding, leave the sitter with ample formula or pumped breast milk, clear instructions about how to warm it up, and bottles and nipples that match. If you're breastfeeding and haven't introduced the bottle yet, you'll probably want to nurse right before you leave and as soon as you return home.

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Try to time your date so it falls between regular nursing sessions. Some moms have even brought a portable breast pump along on dates to avoid that uncomfortably full feeling, but it's usually easier to just cut your date a little short. After all, I had waited so long to have her. I thought to myself, 'So she's finally here and you want to go out - how selfish! These feelings are common among first-time mothers. But it's perfectly okay - and human - to need a break.

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The time away will recharge you, giving you more energy for your baby in the long run. Your child benefits from being raised by parents in a strong, connected relationship.

I started casually dating pretty quickly after filing for divorce and moving out. They were all casual dates and frankly just re-learning how to be comfortable dating, being around men etc. Jun 18,   The most common way to calculate your pregnancy due date is by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). And that's how most healthcare providers do it. If your menstrual cycle length is the average length (day cycle), your menstrual cycle probably started about two weeks before you conceived. BabyCenter was an informative and interesting site where I could learn more about what my body was going through, what was normal, healthy habits, etc. - A BabyCenter member. Love the weekly and monthly emails I receive. They help me understand what I should expect in terms of growth, learning, and development, and offer great advice on.

If it helps soothe your guilt, tell yourself you're spending time with your partner for your baby's sake. You and your partner may be so tired that all you feel like doing is slumping against each other while munching sandwiches on a park bench. So what? The important thing is, you're together. Maybe you want to take the opportunity to reconnect in a low-stress way.

Hey all, so I'm dating a guy (first time since my daughter's dad and he was the only person I've ever been with) who is lovely. We have lots in common, we were friends before hand and have been on. Meet other mums and mums-to-be at your stage in your BabyCenter Birth club Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Go Happening in Community. The dating scan will take between five minutes and 10 minutes. Nearly all scans after 10 weeks can be done through your tummy, and most units ask you to come with a full bladder. The sonographer will put some gel on your tummy and will move a small hand-held device (a transducer) over your skin to get views of your baby.

Simply go out to a favorite restaurant. Or if you're both art buffs, check out the latest museum exhibit. If you're outdoorsy types, take a walk in the park. Whatever activity you choose, you'll probably feel most relaxed if you stick close to home and keep dates short at first. Movies, plays, and concerts can also be good options as long as they're not epic-length or upsetting. It's a good idea to keep things light - many parents are more sensitive during the postpartum period.

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Bad idea! Remember, the important thing is spending time together, so don't worry if your date lacks scintillating conversation or a make-out session. There's nothing wrong with talking about the baby on your date, but stick to how cute her toes are, or how you can tell she's a genius by the way she smiles at the mobile.

Save concerns about spit-up and fussiness for non-date time. Date night is actually a good time to set aside baby concerns altogether - or at least as much as you can.

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One BabyCenter member offers this advice, "My tip for new parents on date night is to make a rule that you're not allowed to talk about the kids. When the little ones consume your world, it's hard not to talk about them.

Sometimes it's hard to remember what the two of you used to talk about and enjoy before parenthood. For us, it's part of keeping the magic alive. Join now to personalize. By Evonne Lack. Photo credit: iStock.

Son "HIM?! Moooooom, him? So my oldest kids have obviously caught on that I'm dating someone. We are definitely in a committed monogamous relationship and have been since about a month into dating.

Babycenter dating

I was thinking that 6 months was the magic time to meet the kids, but I'm not sure. I've asked my kids how they feel about the divorce "We're over it.

This feels normal" and for the most part I think that's pretty much true. I left back in and told them we were getting divorced, but we reconciled unfortunately So what do you think? I think my boyfriend will be great with the kids.

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He has never dated anyone with kids and obviously I haven't been in a relationship since divorce. I was thinking when he meets them he should bring his super sweet dog to the park with him and maybe just hang out for hours. We do a lot of nature walks and he could just join us for one? I'm thinking maybe closer to 4 months when it's warm outside and we have a little more time under our belts.

I don't think I can make it to 6 months though.

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I am very open with my kids and it feels strange keeping him a secret. At the same time I don't want to rush things, so I feel torn on how to proceed. But why? My kids had no idea I was dating DH dear husband until we had been seeing each other for over a year and made the decision to move in together and get married.

Your kids saying they are fine with the divorce, are over it, etc.

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It's only been a few months, and they are still very young. My kids that age would certainly tell me what I wanted to hear, especially of they'd seen me unhappy.

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And they may think they're fine, but no one shrugs off a life change that easily, especially a child. I wouldn't introduce another major life change into their lives any time soon. Your kids need time to heal and find themselves again as well as you do.

When will I have my dating scan? The dating scan is an ultrasound that can be done from seven weeks of pregnancy but they usually happen a little later. It's the best way to predict your due date. Dating scan. Prenatal Tests. Elle Posted 25/06/ Had my dating scan due on the 2nd of January was a right wriggler. Any guesses on what sex you think it is xxx. 4 Comment. advertisement. Comments (0) Be the first to comment! advertisement Add a comment. Jul 26,   One BabyCenter member offers this advice, "My tip for new parents on date night is to make a rule that you're not allowed to talk about the kids. When the little ones consume your world, it's hard not to talk about them. Sometimes it's hard to remember what the two of you used to talk about and enjoy before parenthood.

You should all learn how to be a happy family again before you introduce them to someone new. The kids are all still young and need you. Not saying you don't deserve happiness but 6 kids is overwhelming to parents, never mind someone who has none of their own. Just my opinion. ETA just from reading a bit of your background, dating should be on the back burner.

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Your kids should be your priority and if what you are saying about your narcissistic ex neglecting the kids, trashing the house, etc.

They need stability and security. I gotta be honest, I have a hard time believing your kids are ready to meet someone new. Maybe I'm just old and stubborn, but my mom died 4 years ago and my Dad's been dating someone for almost 2 years and I still don't want to hang out with her!

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Now I know some a lot of that is my issues, and I can't speak to how different a death is to a divorce from a bad situation, and some of my siblings are legitimately happy that Dad's not lonely, but I'm willing to bet that at least one of your kids will have a hard time with it, if I'm having a hard time with it at At 10 the idea of dating is one thing, but the reality of bringing someone new in is very different.

I figure this is one of those things where you can screw up going too quick, but you'll never regret going super slow. Just to clarify, my kids are absolutely my priority. I don't think the kids are just telling me what I want to hear about being over the divorce.

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They are in counseling, we have great open communication including "i-feels" and just a lot of honestly and long talks. I think the schedule that I came up with also helps. Essentially I've gone above and beyond to make sure their lives look very similar. I stayed in the same neighborhood, kept in touch with all of our friends, same family dinners at my place, same holiday traditions, etc.

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They seem much happier than they were the last few years of my marriage. Whenever I do introduce the guy I'm seeing, I'm not going to instantly add him to every family activity.

He's going to slowly wade into our lives, not cannon ball. I'm thinking simple outside activities a couple times in the summer before even joining in for more formal things like dinner. He's extremely respectful of this and will follow my lead on it.

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I had a nice talk with my older three kids tonight who are actually I let them know that yes, they guessed right and I do have a friend that I am getting to know and dating. They genuinely seem happy and I let them know that maybe he can meet us at a park this summer. I will play it by ear and figure out the best time.

I'm also their "safe" parent. I'm their emotional rock. They know they can come to me about anything and they do. We don't shy away from hard talks.

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Their father has already broken their trust and they are constantly catching him in lies. I feel it's extremely important for me to be honest age appropriate but honest with them, so that they never feel like I've deceived them.

I commend you for doing what is best for you and your kids and by staying strong by not going back to EX. I haven't been on this board a lot but I do remember your history. I still say that you should continue to focus on you and the kids and not to give EX and fuel or anything to try and use against you.

You can keep a significant other quiet from them without lying or deceiving, and there are plenty of other ways to answer their direct questions. It's obvious you wanted to tell them. I remember you asking about finding someone who would date you with 6 kids almost immediately after leaving your husband, so I know it is important to you to be with someone, but this is not the time.

It was all so raw and hurtful that even incremental improvement felt huge. But looking back now, the first few months and years after the divorce were truly awful for all of us.

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