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Do you have questions for Americans, about American culture or anything at all related to the United States and its people? Latest demographics survey results. Please refer to the Wiki for a more in-depth explanation of our rules. If you feel your post should not have been removed, please message the mods. We will either clarify why the post was removed or restore it. Why is incest associated with Alabama?

Relative Humidity. Two hillbillies from Alabama are sitting at a bar There are three young, beautiful women sitting at a table near them.

Alabama free dating site for singles in United States! Join one of the best online dating site among other free dating sites and meet single men and women in Alabama (United States). Meeting members at our dating service is totally free. Just add your profile, browse other personals of peple seeking like you for online dating, love and romance. A big list of alabama jokes! 93 of them, in fact! Sourced from , Twitter, and beyond! Alabama Jokes. There is no incest in Alabama! You can ask my dad, brother, uncle, husband, mother, sister or aunt! What's an Alabama man's favorite dating site? 23andMe. Seeking: dating, singles Listed in: Alabama Personals: View profile: I am a year-old, down-to-earth woman who enjoys modeling, hiking, dancing, and weekend getaways. I am a Christian woman, with a good sense of humor and intelligent. I'm looking for someone that will treat me like the feminine young lady that I am. I love going out to.

Suddenly, one of the woman stands up and starts choking on her food. Thinking quickly, one of the hillbillies runs over, pulls down her skirt, and gives her a lick on the right buttcheek.

Alabama dating joke

The woman is so shocked she coughs up the f Court declares social distancing rules unenforceable in Alabama The Judge wrote in his opinion that "the entire state's population can be reasonably considered a family unit.

Say what you will about "Sweet Home Alabama" At least it's family friendly. If I had a nickel every time someone asked if I was from Alabama I could afford to have these extra fingers removed. A guy and gal from Alabama get married They have a very nice wedding and both families get along well.

A few months later comes the honeymoon. They fly out to Hawaii. The husband leaves immediately and goes home to talk to his dad. What do yeast and people from Alabama have in common? Both are in bread.

An Alabama man kills his wife, sister, mother, niece, daughter, and aunt. How many people die?

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But our kids loved it. A man in Alabama was arrested for murdering his wife, Sister and Cousin He was charged with one count of murder. What do you call a girl from Alabama that can run faster than her brothers?

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A virgin. How do you circumcise men from Alabama? You kick their sister in the jaw. Where does everyone in Alabama play games on their phone?

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I know why there is so much incest in Alabama. My friend had a date with a guy from Alabama yesterday. He told her it wouldn't work out, he is not a family type.

What is the most popular dad joke in Alabama Hi cumming, im dad. Alabama: The land of 5 million people What do you call a DNA test in Alabama? Incestry DNA. How do you know if a hooker is from Alabama? She offers a friends and family discount.

A friend and I were travelling through Alabama when a guy threatened to get his Dad, Uncle and Brother to beat us up. We were relieved when we found out they were all the same person. What did former Alabama Senator Roy Moore say about coronavirus?

A young man from Alabama thought that it was about time that he settled down.

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So he went to his father and asked him "Dad, what should I look for in a wife. A man from Alabama opened his fridge He looked around inside, closed the fridge and yelled to his wife: "Honey! We're out of bread!

A kid from Alabama had to do a project on his family tree He brought a ladder to school the next day. Alabama friend So I was talking with my friend who lives in Alabama: Him: I have to get a gift for my Sister my Mom and my Girlfriend Me: Dang that's a lot of money what are you thinking? Him: It's not a lot of money I only have to buy one gift. PS: I am not good with s If humans were categorized like dogs, people from Alabama would be The pure breds.

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What do butter and Alabama kids have in common? Alabama boy goes to Boston for an interview He had gone to the University of Alabama on a football scholarship and maybe took a few too many hits to the helmet. He stopped in a coffee shop before heading to the interview and saw a pretty girl sitting at a table with a few college books.

He got his drink and approached her.

Mar 18,   The number one Alabama joke of all time is: 1. What do a maggot and an Alabama fan have in common? They can both live off of a dead bear for 20 years. Funny Dating Jokes "Sincerity is the key to dating - if you can fake that, you've got it made." Funny dating jokes that will hook you up with some hot laughs. Read More. Top 30 Mothers Day Jokes "I finally gave my mom what she really wanted on Mother's Day. I got married." Mothers Day Jokes for mothers and others who love their mothers. Read More. Posted in Dating Jokes, Funny Stories, Relationship Jokes. Advertisements. Categories. Best Jokes (12) Funniest Jokes (1) Good Jokes (10) Joke Of The Day (1) Death Humor (21) Death Jokes (14) Funeral Jokes (8) Heaven Jokes (3) Disses (28) Funny Comebacks (7) Funny Insults (15) Yo Mama Jokes (6) Doctor Humor (26).

What is the official container for the state of Alabama? Did you hear about the people in Alabama? I heard their problems are relative. Why couldn't the detective solve the Alabama murder case despite having the dna samples It matched with everyone. Why did Alabama raise its drinking age to 34? They wanted to keep alcohol away from highschools. After the abortion ban in Alabama yesterday, my girlfriend is too scared to even have sex with me Too bad my other sister isn't helping out either.

Why is a tornado like divorce in Alabama? With either one, someones losing the trailer. What's the difference between a raisin and a pothead from Alabama One's baked in bread, and the other's a baked inbred. What is sex called in Alabama? Super smash bros. What do family trees show in Alabama?

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Their incestry. Why did the Jack-o-lantern family move to Alabama? To pump-kin. Fancy Chicago lawyer goes duck hunting in LA Lower Alabama very long This lawyer had heard about the exceptional duck hunting in lower Alabama so he made plans to go one year. He left his hotel early and found a good spot by sun-up. He had the most expensive equipment money could buy. He missed a few ducks, but then shot one.

It flapped a couple times and lan How long does it take to get from Louisiana to Alabama?

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One Mississippi. An Alabama girl sees her mother showering An Alabama girl sees her mother showering.

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She sees her tits and asks: "Mom, what is that on your chest? She sees her dad's dick and asks: "What's tha Why did the Alabama strip club close? They lost too much money from the family discount. What is both a common term of endearment and common past-time in Alabama? I asked my step-mom if we could have sex. She asked me what kind of state I am in. I'm in Alabama.

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Why did the boy who moved to Alabama have sex with a dinner roll? He wanted to be in-bread like everyone else.

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What do you get when you cross two siblings from Alabama and an escort business? A family discount. What do you call an informal relationship from Alabama? Soon the weather got bad, driving conditions got nasty, and they had a bad accident. Only one of them survived.

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It was the perfect woman. This explains the accident. Two single women meet for coffee. I'm dating a woman now who, evidently, is unaware of it.

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I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be mad at me for saying that. Of course I care about how you imagined I thought you perceived how I wanted you to feel. I'm tweeting to tell you I sent you an email explaining my voicemail about the note saying I'm leaving you because we don't talk anymore. Honesty is the key to a relationship.

Sep 06,   Alabama public television refused to show an episode of "Arthur" with a gay rat wedding. Here in New York, we just think it's romantic when a rat carries a pizza home to his husband. May 21st, via twitter Staff Pick 0. The joke is that everyone is related to everyone so you can't avoid marrying a cousin. The rural South was also associated with physical and mental retardation, sometimes attributed to inbreeding. In fact the bigger problem was hookworm, which was mostly undiagnosed until the early 20th century and is sadly still an issue in some parts of Alabama that resemble a third world country. Oct 22,   Alabama jokes from Auburn football fans - Duration: sabneal 13, views. A Coon Huntin' Story Jerry Clower - Duration: Cary Buffington Recommended for you.

If you can fake that, you're in. In my 20s someone told me that each person has not one but 30 soul mates walking the earth. Fancy nights out for girls are ten minutes of pure enjoyment followed by like four hours of bitching about their feet hurting in heels.

The time you spend grieving over a man should never exceed the amount of time you actually spent with him.

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A first date gives you only an imperfect snapshot of who a person really is. Her real self-her hopes and dreams, her fears and sorrows-will start to emerge, like a beautiful mosaic, on the second date. I hope to have one someday. I dated a guy several times and he was always interrupting me. When my friends asked me what he was like, I said he suffers from premature interjection.

Her: I'm a meteorologist. Him: Cool.

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I love meat. More Like This? Go here:. Funny Dating Quotes. Funny Dating Tweets. He was a lunatic. Share 'em with your old man.


Even more than a tie clip. Newest funny jokes of the day. Funny quotes, sayings, photos, songs, videos and more. Guaranteed laughter and heaps of hilarity with this simple zoom game from JokeQuote. Easiest way to have a funny zoom party. Everyone wins! I got married. Obviously I breed well in captivity.

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