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Nineteenth century social etiquette required girls to uphold a rigorous standard of beauty, poise and excellence, particularly for those from wealthy and prestigious families. Years of training, refining and practice helped well-to-do girls learn proper behavior applicable to various social situations. Social expectations in the s led many upper class girls to strive for absolute perfection in their style of dress, social network and educational options. Working class girls of this era generally did not have the financial resources or time to dedicate to learning such standards. Girls in the 19th century were taught to display utmost respect for others during conversation. Although girls learned to appear as agreeable and as pleasant as possible, they were careful to avoid discussing personal family matters or other potentially embarrassing private issues. Proper social etiquette required young girls to refrain from raising their voices or using crude language.

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Finishing schools offered not only academic opportunities, but they also gave girls training in social graces and proper etiquette. Although some academics were taught, the primary goal of such schools was to help girls learn to be good wives and more interesting women overall.

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Girls would learn socially acceptable behavior such as listening while others are speaking and contributing intelligently, yet demurely. Amy Pearson earned dual bachelor's degrees in management and horticulture.

She is a licensed elementary teacher for kindergarten through sixth grades.

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Pearson specializes in flower and vegetable gardening, landscape design, education, early childhood and child development. Social Etiquette for Girls in the 19th Century.

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About the Author. After all, men are just trying to please you.

Let them do so in a timely manner. It is neither well-bred nor dignified to keep any one waiting who has made an appointment conducive to your pleasure," Houghton lectures.

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Another piece of etiquette that generally holds true to this day. He should never comment upon them to strangers, or to the host himself, unless his friend should first broach the subject," Houghton instructs.

19th century dating etiquette

Another bit of common sense that's stood the test of time. Such hasty proposals generally come from mere adventurers, or else from mere novices in love, so that in either case they are to be rejected.

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A lady who would accept a gentleman at first sight can hardly possess the discretion needed to make a good wife. To every well-bred man and woman physical education is indispensable. It is the duty of a gentleman to know how to ride, to shoot, to fence, to box, to swim, to row, and to dance.

Victorian etiquette for men courting. A woman was never allowed to go out at night with a gentleman. There were many rules in respect of dating which were to be complied with. Some of the rules of Victorian courting. 1. A single woman never addressed a gentleman without an introduction. Jul 21,   A married lady may take the arm of her intimate friends of the other sex. Two ladies should not walk arm in arm unless one of them is much older than the other. A lady should never take the arms of two gentlemen at the same time. In the evening two ladies may take the arms of one gentleman. Jul 29,   The book noted there that to successfully woo the female sex "certain requisites of the masculine character [were needed]."[14] These included: Always treat ladies with the greatest respect - This meant a gentleman was to not treat a woman as his .

He should be graceful. If attacked by ruffians, a man should be able to defend himself, and also to defend women from their insults.

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Dancing, skating, swimming, archery, games of lawn tennis, riding and driving, and croquet, all aid in developing and strengthening the muscles, and should be practiced by ladies. The better the physical training, the more self-possessed and graceful she will be.

Open-air exercise is essential to good health and a perfect physical development.

A lady should not monopolize the evening with her performances, but return to make room for others. It is a mark of vanity for a lady to exhibit any anxiety to sing or play.

Dating in the Victorian Age Dating in the "The rules and suggestions for courtship and romance occupy most of the space in Victorian etiquette and letter writing books. Near the end of the section there is generally one curt letter of refusal to a marriage proposal.". 35 Rules To Be Followed, Etiquette For Ladies - How were women supposed to conduct themselves in the middle of the 19th century? Well for starters; No kissing other women in the presence of men you don't know; never sing two songs consecutively; if newly married do not display conspicuous public affection; avoid the "horse laugh"; and if you break something at someone else's. Jul 30,   If you think 21st century love is a tricky thing, just imagine living in days gone by when women were expected to be little more than pretty ornaments who existed to serve their husbands and procreate. Take a look at some of the strangest dating and .

One might say this is the primary tenet of good manners: "It is a mark of good breeding to suppress undue emotion, whether of disappointment, of mortification, or laughter, of anger, or of selfishness in any form. When you invite an inferior as your guest, treat him with all the politeness and consideration you would show an equal.

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Courtesy of Wikipedia. This might be accomplished through a mutual friend.

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He would have to ascertain where she lived and then make discreet inquiries, respecting her family and avoiding compromising her name by not even mentioning it in the course of his inquiry. Then, hopefully, he could somehow work towards an introduction. Parents often viewed the gentleman suitor as an interloper: Someone plucking from their well-tended garden, a flower they had tenderly reared. If he was a willful deceiver, he was bound to be detected at some point, and one etiquette expert noted that if that happened, how would a gentleman expect a woman to continue to love and trust him?

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