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Posted by: Toll Posted on: 12.04.2020

Same thing with people for whom music is their whole whole life - I don't do great doing those people, and certain things that describe those people a social life that primarily revolves around concerts, for instance ends up being an indicator for me. I still wouldn't call either deal breakers, because I'm sure there are people who do either with whom I could have a great relationship, but I will notice it when evaluating a date. I don't think this makes me a bad person, but sure, it's judgmental. However, I wouldn't really pay great attention to someone who did that in the past especially in college. My current boyfriend used to smoke but quit well before I met him. It doesn't impact our relationship.

She was essentially everything I thought I wanted in a girl. She was cute, funny, liked just enough things I liked for us to have common interests but just different enough to show each other new things and experiences I was heavy into her and she was heavy into.

Then things got.

Dating A Friend's Ex?!? - Reality Check

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