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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Completed Harry and Daphne - Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Founder: Dorothea Greengrass - Stories: 85 - Followers: - id: Little did he know that things were about to change. Harry Potter and The Girl Who Tried by Kellar21 reviews Daphne is locked in a marriage contract with Harry Potter, but she doesn't want any marriage contract, she wants the freedom to choose her husband, and the only way out is by killing him, so she tries, but Harry wasn't called the Boy Who Lived for nothing.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. What if Harry decided to actually apply himself and focus on his education in school by forming a study group with some very smart and attractive witches to help him? Chapter 22 Dates and Lakes Harry With the next task not until near the end of February which while they still hadn't managed to figure out the egg clue which only screeched super loudly when opened, he felt like they still had plenty of time and he had total confidence Susan with or without their help would figure it out.

Yet there turned out to be another ct to the Tournament that he did need to participate in. Harry grinned at such a proposal as he asked her, "you mean like some of this? Daphne grinned back and said, "yes, like some of that. Susan grinned and asked, "you want to feel them too Harry? Susan just grinned wider and asked, "so what is stopping you then?

Susan on the other hand was feeling up his very prominent erection. As they swam deeper, they tried locating the mervillage. Once they spotted what had to be the mervillage, they then came up to the surface. Please Review!

The Study Group 2. The Troll 3. Troll Rewards and Christmas 4. Dumbledore's Challenge 5. Before Second Year Summer 6.

Crushed 8. Polyjuice Potion 9. Free At Last Capture Dating Advice First Dates Attack on the Train Becoming Animagi Sharing is Caring Surviving Killing Curses Explanations and Connections Why did he have to make it so painfully obvious that something big had changed between them? Why was he still here? Why was he still breathing? Why hadn't she hexed him to bits yet? They were all good questions.

She was going to have to kill him. When Harry seemed done, she wanted to get them some privacy as soon as she could. She was anxious to start tearing him a new one. Harry nodded rather dumbly but at least he was bright enough to agree with her. She stormed out of the house and didn't bother moderating her speed so when she was far enough from the house to suit her need for privacy vs. If he thought that pouting would get her sympathy, he was in for a rude awakening.

She crossed her arms and glowered at him as he approached. The fact that he didn't even see her glare and was making her wait just fuelled her rage.

Part 2 of the "unexpected" series, you might want to read 'Harry Potter and the Unexpected Friend' first. This story covers year 3 of Harry and Daphne's adventures in the magical world. [Harry Daphne] [Sirius OC] Tracey Davis, Neville Longbottom, Astoria Greengrass, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley. Harry Potter was happily in love with Daphne Greengrass. The only thing he wasn't looking forward to was dinner with his future brother-in-law, Draco Malfoy. Oneshot.

He was really asking for it and he was going to get it! Have you forgotten everything I taught you about Occlumency? You couldn't have made it more obvious that something has changed if you had flat out told them! What were you thinking?!

Daphne is locked in a marriage contract with Harry Potter, but she doesn't want any marriage contract, she wants the freedom to choose her husband, and the only way out is by killing him, so she tries, but Harry wasn't called the Boy Who Lived for nothing. Harry and Daphne have been secretly dating since a few weeks into their fifth year, but kept it secret because they knew what the fallout would be. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor dating, that was sacrilegious. "Harry here certainly seems to be enjoying the view," Daphne observed with a big and sly grin on her face. "I can't exactly help it," Harry told them, "there is a lot for me to look at right now." Padma grinned too and told him as she happily gave him a wink, "well you're certainly free to look all you want.".

He just stood there, staring at the ground and saying nothing. Nothing to say for yourself? You are such an idiot, Harry Potter! She waited again with her fists clenched so tightly that they hurt and then for the first time she began to question whether she was missing something. He certainly looked sorry and he wasn't trying to justify himself, perhaps she ought to ease up?

Her face softened from a scowl to slight confusion and with his head hanging down, she couldn't really tell what his reaction was.

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Thus, after physically calming herself, she slowly reached out her hand and lifted his chin to see his face. When she saw that he was silently crying she felt like she'd been punched in the gut and she felt her face being drained of blood.

Then it all became obvious to her in an avalanche of realizations that almost staggered her. She was well aware of how he'd been raised, how would that have prepared him for this situation?

In no way at all, that was an easy answer. She had assumed he understood everything last night and never talked about it but it was now painfully obvious that she had made an egregious error. This was her fault and she was the idiot, not him. She knew she had to fix this and without conscious thought she drew him into a hug and started whispering in his ear, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

When she felt they'd both recovered enough she drew slowly back and kept her hands on his shoulders to show she was not trying to push him away. She'd done enough damage to her friend and she wouldn't risk doing any more. He started looking ashamed and moved his head back down as she shook his head 'no'. Again she lifted his chin with one of her hands. I'm the idiot and you have nothing to feel bad about. I should have talked to you instead of assuming you understood and then this morning I decided this was all your fault without giving you a chance to talk to me.

In fact, this calls for a formal apology. She let go of him and just had gotten her wand pointed up and started to say, "I, Daphne" when Harry suddenly put his hand over hers. She was tempted to argue with him but decided it would be counterproductive. She nodded assent and put her wand away and put both of her hands on his cheeks, which surprised him but apparently in a good way. This is all my fault. I should have talked to you about this last night.

She saw he was getting nervous so she decided it was time for her to lay out all of her cards for him to see.

Nice harry potter fanfiction harry and daphne dating interesting. Prompt, where

I didn't realize how much I liked you until the day after the chamber. I was scared out of my wits but I just couldn't let you go alone.

If I'd lost you, I think I'd have wanted to die too. She saw the look of amazement in his eyes but then she started to see concern so she decided to lighten up the mood a little. Then last night you caught onto my mood and you kept worrying about me and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. He looked gobsmacked and so cute that she had to fight the urge to kiss him that moment. He sounded so unsure she decided to say it again. I'm so sorry for getting angry with you for something that was my fault.

Please forgive me, please say yes. She didn't really need to wait for his answer when the huge smile bloomed on his face. He said 'Yes' anyway and then she just had to kiss him, which turned into several kisses as they held each other tightly. Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief as she lowered the omnioculars. She'd been afraid that their inexperience with relationships might end theirs before it had properly begun so she had moved to the room where she could still see them.

However, it seemed that her daughter had figured out how to make up with her boyfriend on her own. She had been very concerned when her daughter had her wand out earlier though. It had been painfully obvious that there had been a terrible misunderstanding about last night but they managed to figure it out on their own.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, maybe she could give her some helpful hints about dating and such. Daphne must realize that she knew after what happened at breakfast. She hadn't noticed her husband entering and she blushed at his teasing.

She tried to keep her voice even as she replied, "I was just making sure I wouldn't have to step in. She looked back at him as she wasn't sure what his tone of voice meant with his last question.

I was afraid Daphne was angry enough to do something unfortunate. She rolled her eyes and smiled at him. She's a beautiful girl and she prefers boys, this was going to happen sooner or later and you know it. Plus, I think it's a very good thing that she has chosen Harry, I think they could be a good match. Cyrus' answer was a reluctant grunt so she decided to push the issue.

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They're thirteen and just starting to date for the first time. We're a long way from you having to give her away. You have years to get used to the idea, silly man. He looked at her and surprise changed to contemplation. Eventually he said, "Oh. Well, maybe it won't be so bad then. She chuckled before she gave him a hug and a kiss. She felt him relax into her embrace and knew they'd be just fine, at least until the next teenage angst flare-up.

Harry potter fanfiction harry and daphne dating

Harry was absolutely mortified. He had kept trying to go into his Occlumency trance and kept failing. Daphne wasn't controlling herself as well as she normally did either and she was seething with anger towards him, which was no help at all as he became depressed. By the end of breakfast he was wondering if the best thing he could do is run away and never bother them again.

interesting. Prompt, where

He knew that looking for the dog was an excuse and she'd likely hex him and tell him to never speak to her again. The worst part was that he felt he deserved that, he was such a loser. He followed her out and couldn't even muster the energy to keep his head up. When she started berating him, he was waiting for the hexes to start, he resolved to just take whatever she dished out and accept his fate, he just hoped it didn't hurt too much.

Then things took an unexpected turn as she lifted his head for him. Suddenly, he was being held by Daphne and she was apologizing to him! He didn't know what to make of this sudden reversal but he wasn't going to ignore a chance to hug her back. Maybe he wouldn't have to leave after all? Her explanation of her feelings toward him boggled his mind. Was this a dream?

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It had to be as things like this didn't happen to him. He knew better than to argue with her whether it was a dream or not. Of course he'd be her boyfriend!

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She was an amazing and gorgeous girl and he'd have to be dumber than Crabbe and Goyle to say no. As they kissed, it finally started to feel more normal to him, this was actually reality and his spirits soared.

However, he couldn't let her take all of the blame, he's the one who couldn't control himself and caused their issues this morning. She'd been willing to make a formal wizarding apology and he owed her too much to allow her to do that. Before he could gather his wits to bring it up, she drew back and gave him a smile that made his heart skip a beat. Since we said we'd look for the dog, we may as well do it. He felt a bit overwhelmed still but managed to speak anyway.

I should have handled the situation better, especially at breakfast and not gotten us into this mess. We were never going to have this happen without anyone knowing. It's just that I'd hoped to time it better. In the long run, there's no harm done but we'll have to put up with some teasing from Astoria for a while. Did you see her face? How she was snickering? It's going to be awful!

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Harry smiled as she rolled her eyes theatrically but he had to make sure he made his point. Now, can we stop apologizing to each other already? Harry swallowed nervously. That sounded good, very good in fact but he still didn't know what to do. That can be fun, don't you think? Well if making up meant kissing, he was all for it.

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He grinned back at her and she giggled at him. He was surprised by her giggle as it wasn't normal for her and it was at that moment he realized that he was making her as happy as she was making him. He was startled to discover how far they'd walked when he heard the dog bark and he looked over to see him sitting there on the other side of the fence.

Was that dog grinning at them?

A Marriage of Convenience by Dorothea Greengrass. Harry is blackmailed into a marriage of convenience with Daphne Greengrass. Ten years later, Ginny forces her way back into his life when a . After the events of year three. Harry Potter finds out that he has a twin. Her name is Susan Bones or better known as Susan Lily Potter. How will they react? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that life throws at them. Watch as they work together as a family. The pairing will be Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass. Susan and to be decided. Harry Potter? Kissing Daphne Greengrass? It just couldn't happen, could it? They broke the kiss, panting, their foreheads touching each other. "I love you" Harry whispered. She gave him a blinding smile in return. "I love you too," she returned. Harry started laughing, Daphne sound joining in, and together, they faced the rest of Hogwarts together.

Sirius Black was a nervous wreck. He had decided to try to stay in the area but that would mean revealing who he was. Playing the 'stray dog' until they left wouldn't gain him anything other than some food, the only way to truly get to know his godson would be to reveal who he was and hope that he'd get a chance to explain. He slept badly and didn't want to miss them so he went to where he'd seen them the previous day and waited even though it was still quite early. How to reveal himself though?

He quickly discarded simply transforming in front of them as that would go badly. He'd probably frighten them so much he wouldn't get a word in and he wouldn't be able to follow them through the wards. How could he ease into it though? That's when remembered he had two newspapers with him. He checked to make sure he was alone and transformed to human form and removed the two newspapers he possessed.

He still had the one that Fudge had thrown to him, the one with the Weasleys on the front page, the one that had motivated him to escape. That one would be no help so he returned it to his pocket and opened the other one and saw himself from when he'd been arrested, laughing like a madman although the issue was announcing his escape, not his capture.

He grimaced at the memory, he'd been overtired, overwrought and stunned about having been outmanoeuvred by Wormtail of all people. He had grievously underestimated his former friend and paid a heavy price for his folly. He had foolishly believed that they would soon realize that although he was an idiot, he wasn't the betrayer they had treated him as.

Unfortunately for him, that day never came and he had rotted with his doubts and recriminations for longer than he cared to contemplate. He shook off the memories and regarded the newspaper with a critical eye. It was a little the worse for wear as he'd picked it out of the rubbish bin but the picture was clear enough for his purposes. It would suffice but how to present it?

He didn't dare put it on the wall, the wards might do something to it. He put it on the ground on his side and pushed the vegetation down so it would be visible to them. He transformed back and looked around and found himself still alone. He sat down and regarded the newspaper and decided he couldn't just leave it there like that.

He had to make sure they were paying attention and then show it but how? He had only one way to conceal it for now, he laughed to himself as he sat on it and waited. His insomnia and early arrival made the wait long and boring so he alternated between lying down and sitting up and finally heard people approaching. He popped back up and quickly identified the same two teens. This time was a little different though as they were holding hands and walking closely together.

They were obviously a couple and she was definitely flirting with him.

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He was happy for Harry to see his suspicions of yesterday confirmed but then he realized that Harry was ahead of the Marauders.

As much as he prided himself on being a ladies' man, the truth was he didn't start pursuing the ladies until near the end of his third year. He mentally chuckled to himself at how his little pup was already outdoing him. James had been smitten with Lily at that age but getting nowhere with her and Moony never really tried.

He didn't even consider Wormtail.

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Here was Harry, his little pup, already with a pretty bird who seemed destined to be one of the most beautiful in all of Hogwarts and he hadn't even started his third year yet! He gave a mental cheer, way to go, Pup! He couldn't stop his smile and he hoped it wouldn't look threatening on the face of a large dog. Ginny couldn't believe it.

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Harry was hers! How dare that bitch kiss him! They were going to get married and have children and live in the countryside and. The rest of the students and professors couldn't believe it. Harry Potter? Kissing Daphne Greengrass? It just couldn't happen, could it? Harry started laughing, Daphne sound joining in, and together, they faced the rest of Hogwarts together.

The Potter Twins - Different Episode 3 - Harry Potter FanFic Forever

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Harry wakes up in his dormitory after the Final Battle, and there's someone he needs to see, much to the shock of the rest of Hogwarts.

Have thought harry potter fanfiction harry and daphne dating maybe, were mistaken?

Ron couldn't believe it. Harry was dating a Slytherin. A dirty stinking Slytherin! Hermione couldn't believe it. Harry was meant be with Ginny, wasn't he? They broke the kiss, panting, their foreheads touching each other. She gave him a blinding smile in return.

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So hopeful you enjoyed it. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.

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